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Family priced Christmas gifts for the HSM?

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  • Family priced Christmas gifts for the HSM?

    I'm being pestered for a list of items I would like for Christmas, and they need to be appropriately priced for folks on limited budgets. I’m well know for my lack of interest in knick-knacks and “nice clothes”, and anything reasonably priced that I see and want, I tend to get, so I’m told I’m hard to buy for.

    So, what do you guys suggest? I’ve already added the recently discussed magnifying visors, and some magnified tweazers I saw somewhere. I also thought I might specify a small set of India stones or the like for dressing work pieces and/or tooling. Unfortunately, I’m not sure myself what to ask for with all the terminology I’m unfamiliar with, but I’ve needed something to use on some burs in my L00 back plate and other things.

    What other small and inexpensive tools or “sets” and such have you found to be in the category of a “luxury” and “man, I had gotten that a long time ago!”? Ideally something I can just give them a link or part number to make it easy on them. Some will invariably get some incredibly cheap and barely usable item from a HF type place (not that I’m averse to some HF stuff, but there are limits) or worse if I don’t specify very clearly what and where.
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    Those sets of angles and angle blocks are great gift ideas. Rubber floor mats will be on my Christmas list this year.

    My wife loves it when I give her a list of item numbers from the ENCO cataloge. She calles em up, gives em her charge card number and Christmas shopping is done for me.

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      #1: Ten pound bag of money, large bills only.

      #2: Five pound bag.

      #3: Small bills ok.
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        Gift card from Harbor Freight ,always works with me. Are part numbers and page numbers marked in tool catalog.With different priced idems . Even 2 new 3/8 end mills from my daughter will do.
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          make some center finders for the lathe, the sharp point type with the long tail that wobbles. Make some Jack screws for mill clamping kits, Oh and if you don't want to make anything, I suggest some books from Lindsay publishing. I seam to have a problem of saving my money with them, they always have a book I want!


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            How about, what's your favorite goodies that some other HSM might like to find under their tree?

            A few from my list:

            - Air file / mini belt sander. $59.99. Any other air tool for that matter.

            - Transfer Punches. Super handy. Cheap at Harbor Freight.

            - Transfer scrwes

            - Nicholson Files. Lathe file is nice.

            - Harbor Freight Butterfly Impact Wrench so you can make a Power Drawbar for your mill

            - Surface plate and height gage. You know you want them if you don't already have them!

            - Huot indexes for drill bits, mills, etc.

            - Kant Twist clamps. So handy!

            - Power Feed for the mill?

            - Set of 5C Collet Blocks. Handy on the mill if you have collets.

            - Phase II rotary table

            - Piloted tap wrench



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              12" scale, micrometers, calipers,small hole gauges, taps, drills, vise, Machine Tool. What more could a man want or need? OK,...a Good Woman.


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                I go through this every year with my mother..

                My standard response? "Beer or Ammunition"

                I always get "But I don't know what kind to get you"(in reference to ammo)

                I always reply "Doesn't matter, if I don't have a gun to fit, I'll get one"

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                  GUNS are the Religion of choice. All religions Kill, but Guns will sort out the seeds.


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                    Thanks, all suggestions are appreciated.
                    Originally posted by BobWarfield
                    How about, what's your favorite goodies that some other HSM might like to find under their tree?
                    That's exactly what I was trying to get at, though you've done it much more clearly and succinctly. Thanks!
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                      I go through the current catalogs that are lying around my office and circle what I want. She (the wife) knows where to look and makes her purchase. We have a company in Columbus (Edco) that will honer the Enco catalog prices. So if she does not want to ship the item to the house, she drives down there and askes them.

                      As for what a HSM would want, it depends on what they already have.

                      And, of course, its always hard to buy for someone that buys what he wants anyway.

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                        A subscription to one of the Village Press pubications.(shameless plug)or Wise Owl Publications(shameless plug #2) are great gifts. It is an easy way for people who have no idea what we like, to get us a gift. Sort of like Christmass every other month.


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                          Thanks again for all the suggestions, but as rockrat suggests, I already have most of it, though it might make a good list for others too.

                          The rubber floor mats will go on the list. My legs hurt something awful and the cheap foam HF work mats are getting pretty chewed up with swarf and welding burns.

                          I like Evan's idea, though nobody in my family can afford it.

                          BillH: Looking for gifts for others to buy an HSM, not for an HSM to make for an HSM.

                          Bob: Already got most all of them, though your right, those are perfect for this list! I did add transfer screws though, those could be handy. And to use the collet blocks, I've got to find a set of collets first as my last deal for a nice set fell through.

                          HTRN: I've got all the guns AND amo I need. My hand guns are all 357 Mag (with 38s for practice) and 22LR, and my long guns are 223, 22 Mag, and 12 ga. Nice to stay consistent so that there is less inventory required, and it will take me some time to go through my ~2000 rounds of 223/5.56, ~500 rounds of .357 Mag, and a few thou 22LR and 22 mag with only a few hundred 12 ga. Though some accessories for my M17 would be nice. Hmmm...

                          RustyBolt: I already have subscriptions.

                          Keep ‘em coming!
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                            Originally posted by BadDog
                            Bob: Already got most all of them, though your right, those are perfect for this list! I did add transfer screws though, those could be handy. And to use the collet blocks, I've got to find a set of collets first as my last deal for a nice set fell through.

                            Keep ‘em coming!
                            Aye, my wife has been known to lament that I always just go buy whatever I want anyway. She must be forgetting those times when she said "no".

                            We can get a bit more exotic. Here are things I wish I had, but haven't just bought. Can't imagine SWMBO will buy them, but hope springs eternal, eh?

                            - A big box of ball valves, filters, pipe, and the rest of the goodies needed to properly plumb air all over my shop. I will deal with the "some assembly required", thank you!

                            - A nice pan and box brake. Keep threatening to make one, but haven't had time. Not too cheap, but doesn't have to be a floor standing monster either.

                            - A tilting table for the mill. You need one to make the pan and box brake! LOL

                            - A bigger boring head. Mine is 2 incher and I could use a 4 incher or so.

                            - A nice trip to one of Forrest's scraping courses. Yes dear, you can enjoy travel as a machinist, we don't just sit in our shops and track grease onto your carpets!

                            - A Tree 325 CNC mill in perfect condition. OK boyz, sorry, I fell asleep and that one slipped out. Scratch as too crazy.

                            - A Mig welder. I have a Tig I love, but the Mig would make simple attachment of lumps of metal with feet of beads to be laid so much faster. Still crazy, but slightly more reasonable.

                            - A big ole disc sander. 12" is small, I want a 20". It's okay if it's imported.

                            - A heat treat oven with a PID controller so Lazlo can chastise me about having paid for something I don't need. LOL

                            - A really nice lathe of moderate size (12x36 to 14x40) and all the tooling.

                            - A bunch of little gantry cranes to magically be installed next to each of my machines while I am away on holiday. Because, if you are dreaming, you may as well dream. Let's have a big A-Frame on the driveway with an electric hoist while we're at it.

                            - An electric palette jack. Not sure why I need one, but I know she won't let me have a fork lift.

                            - A pair of 2-4-6 blocks, because I wanted to end on something remotely sensible.

                            OK, I've really gone off the deep end on that list.



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                              Don't worry about those guys in the little white suites, they are bringing one for you too...

                              Somehow I don't think my step-son or mother can afford any of those as gifts. It told them not to get me anything, but then my step sone said, "Ok, if we can't come up with anything else, we'll get you something to go on your desk." No! Not another cutsy knick-knack! Nooooo!!!! Hence my desperate post here.

                              Hmm, just thought of something else in the chaep range. I need to find one of those optical center punches and add that to the list.
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