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Lathe to base sealing compound needed

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  • Lathe to base sealing compound needed

    I plan on lifting my lathe off its base sometime soon in order to paint the base. It is currently bedded in a white, now brittle compound (from the Harrison factory) and covered in factory paint. What would be a good compound to replace it with that would resist coolant and oils but give new paint at least a little to bite on? Den

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    Automotive seam sealer. You can get it in a small tube or by the bucket at auto paint suppliers.


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      I have a 14" logan lathe that I've dismantled to clean and paint (35+ years of "stuff" and coolant have hardened into a pretty solid armor in places).

      Between the base cabinets and the chip tray there was a semi solid black material that I understand is black mastic. I'm not sure of this, but I assume it's for harmonic dampening.

      Aceton brings it up, but it's a very messy clean up.


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        I used Permatex Ultrablue 4yrs ago, still a little rubbery and seems impervious to the oil, none of which has shown up in the base cabinets under the mounting screws.