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May have found problem w/Rung Foo

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  • May have found problem w/Rung Foo

    The mill is back together and so far it's working fine. But I was still wondering why it had failed on several occasions. I took a second look at the pictures and don't know how I could have missed this. The Brass cog that shifts the low range is seriously scored. I'm thinking that every now and then when the mill stops turning the rough spot on the cog mates with a similar rough spot on the dummaflotchet it mates with. If I turn the quill by hand just a few degrees it seems to run. At anyrate thanks to everyone for your suggestions as they gave me some options to look at.

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    Very strange, still shouldnt be under any kind of a load, are your shift lever detents in disagreement with your fork lever cage detents? (if any) very hard to judge without being there, another great illistration though YOD,,, can you put an inch pound torque gage on your spindle to test your theory? Good luck with your hoe...