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c-2, c-5 carbide what’s the difference?

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    raised in diapers, levelled off in levi's, lowered in diapers. that's life.
    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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      i would just like to here from someone to see if i did this right. i have 1942 reedprentice 16"lathe and 193210"regal leblond rong fu tablemill please reply to [email protected]


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        when using c-2 for aluminum make sure you have plenty of rake on front side or you get rubbing from the tool to the material. i have also bought cheap carbides to see what i could do. i have learned to respect the Quality of the tool, don't make to heavy of cuts intil you know what you can get away with. i will never machine cast iron again on my machines because the stuff cums off like sand and gets in the machine. LEARNED the hard way.


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          If we are on the subject of money and cutters then tell me why any hobby machinest would buy carbide lathe tools? I have yet to find anything the HHS tools won't do. I can grind then whatever shape the job requires and they last almost forever. I have tried brazed carbide tools and never got results as good as with HHS tools.

          I do understand that in a production environment with simi-skilled workers that indexable tools would be invaluable. But we are talking about hobby shops here and not a production shops.
          Am I missing something here?


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            Joe, you are not missing anything. Most hobbiest type lathes do not have the rigidity to take advantage of carbide cutters to begin with. HSS is more versatile. Take a little time, and learn how to grind a cutter properly, and you will not be disappointed with results.
            I think people are lured away from HSS by not having to grind cutters.
            Set your bench grinder up with a medium and fine wheel, and dress the cutter with an India stone for fine edge.
            Jim H.


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              I do not like the brazed carbide tools at all. I have seen some guys grind a postive lip into them to produce a half descent tool.

              The best advance for people not wanting to grind their own HSS is and their T-15 HSS throw away insert type tools are worth a look. They are ideal for interupted cuts or stainless.

              I prefer inserts, but I do have a lathe that is ridgid and powerful enough to do what I need them too (I know its limits). Even neutral rake tools in inserts are better engineered with superior materials, coatings, and tool holders.

              I still grind form tools from HSS, T-15, or Carbide for special applications or for plastics.