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??? Forrest's Scraping Seminars???

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  • ??? Forrest's Scraping Seminars???

    Hi, all. I haven't been spending much time here as of late. I was looking in the christmas list thread, and saw mention of putting Forrest's scraping school on one guy's list. Have I missed something? I'd love to learn a little about scraping. Seems like Forrest lives in the Seattle area somewhere, maybe I could stay with my daughter...........

    Regards, Tim
    I cut it off twice; it's still too short
    Oregon, USA

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    Hey Tim. Some folks on the Practical Machinist forum are trying to work up a scraping class. He is a link incase you have not seen it...JRouche
    My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group


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      Tim the guy you need to contact is Bob Welland in Seattle

      [email protected]

      He's organizing things at that end of the country. For those who are interested Don Shattuck is working up a scraping class in Vermont

      [email protected]

      Both post in Practical Machinist. There's an extensive thread on PM as in the link JRouchs listed.