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Ot -woodworking Rockwell 22-101planer

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  • Ot -woodworking Rockwell 22-101planer

    I was feeling despondant as i have not found any good free stuff lately, and lo and behold I came across a ROCKWELL 22-101 PLANER upside down in the landfill.

    I was looking at it and realised all though this is a 40s or 50s machine , it was substantially built -loads of cast iron , and although it was covered in muck, it didnt have the dust and resin accumulations that a wood machine gets after a short while.

    so home she comes .

    In fact after a quick power wash it appears that it wasnt used at all with wax still on the blades and cosomoline everywhere .just sat in a corner somewhere .
    good clean and a paint , set the rollers properly, new cutter head bearings and i should be in businesss.

    any body have a similar machine ? need to compare notes , particulary on the paint job it hasa rather appealing spatter type paint , original.

    cameras not working so no pics

    oh i really want a metal planer and not a wood planer so I am still a wee bit despondant .

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    I'm sure your suffering touches us all deeply.....

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      nice price!

      Here is the place to go for info on old woodworking machines.

      They have an impressive collectioin of lit and pics available, plus a discussion forum.


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        this is her
        -image lifted from owwm classifieds-since my camera is not working.


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          Anytime you want to double your money on it just let me know.


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            sure , but shipping will kill ya from where I am !