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cnc programmer job landed in my email box

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  • cnc programmer job landed in my email box

    Think Resources has recently received a job requirement, from one of our clients,
    that could be a potential fit for your background, or for someone you know. Please
    read the following and apply accordingly:

    Position: Programmer : Manufacturing

    URGENT - Requisition to be CLOSED OUT

    APPLY BEFORE: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 th at 12:00 pm.

    Job #: 47346CLC

    > To APPLY TO THIS JOB or see more information on this job click here:

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    > $1000 Referral - To SEND to this job to a friend click here:

    Position description:
    Contract opportunity for this global leader located in South Carolina 100 miles west of Myrtle Beach. Large manufacturing facility involved with many different processes for an OEM environment. Must have proven CNC programming and process planning ability. Any work with ESPRIT CNC software is highly desirable. Or, 5 plus years of proven CNC programming is needed. Involved with programming for multi-axis lathes, grinders, and machining centers. Working closely with management, operators, and other production employees for tool layouts and troubleshooting process.

    Position type: Contract
    Position location: Sumter, SC
    Potential pay up to: 30 $/Hr
    Potential salary up to: 62.4 K $ /Yr
    Duration: 6 months+

    If you are presently happy with your current position or would like to be
    removed from our email list for any reason, please reply to this email with
    the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.

    Thanks! Hope we can help.


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    Think Resources, Inc.
    225 Scientific Drive
    Norcross, GA 30092
    To send a resume: [email protected]
    Excuse me, I farted.

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    So,did you apply yet?
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Go For It Dave

      Dave you to could be a programmer. Nice clean office , yer own healthy secretary, own beer fridge for snacks. Lex sitting at your feet keeping the possums at bay,, i could go on but i wont . Take care my friend Mike (big)


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        Must be quite a company, they work on thanksgiving day. I didn't research all the links provided by they look like headhunters to me. Don't put any private info back to them until you can confirm for sure who they are. But you probably know and realize that. On the internet anyone with website skills can look like GM or Ford motors in a few minutes.
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          Originally posted by Your Old Dog
          On the internet anyone with website skills can look like GM or Ford motors in a few minutes.
          I looked for the thread with the comic, but I guess it got killed. Evan? You listening?

          "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog"

          The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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            GUYS< I don't want the job.. I am a instrumentation tech with a degree in robotics. I Have a Union ticket with the IBEW stating that.

            I do however want to learn how to use the machines I got as good as the old things can run.. I am self taught at about everything. Still kickin..

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            Excuse me, I farted.


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              Originally posted by David E Cofer
              I quit the Olive oil in the mornings, no longer craving it..

              I must have missed a post.

              As for the job, 6 moth contract? Not bad. Might be a good way to find out who does the hiring there and get a 6 month contract (for more than the headhunter offered) every year or so.

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