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  • Brass or bronze

    How do i tell the difference? This is for bushings with a fairly large pin size. 1" to 2.5" in diameter.


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    No definitive but try a cut.
    Brass comes off as little slivers, like needles.
    Drawn bronze comes off as turnings like steel.
    Cast Bronze comes off as more small chips and dust.
    Cored Bronze also has a porous look to it and often has a spiral coloured track where it's been continually cast.

    Cast bronze makes the best bushings as it holds lubricant, drawn bronze can be a bit skiddy and tend to wear the shaft more than the bush.


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      The best way would be to buy known metal from your supplier. Other than that in my experience bronze tends to be a little redder in color and brass a little more yellow. And john is correct bronze stock is a bit tiger striped from the casting process. Also bronze is usualy sold in 13" lenths brass in 36'' lengths. You may be able to do some sort of file test not sure.
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        You can see the stripe effect on this bronze bushing stock.

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          Depending on the hardness of the shaft the best material is most likely one of the bearing bronzes. I would go with the alloy #932 bearing bronze. Also known by 660 SAE. The following link gives the chemical make up of the alloy. Also grooves for lubrication are going to be a very good idea unless this in an environment where it is constantly exposed to a fresh supply of lube oil. Clearances will depend on speed and application. Just what is the app?

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            It is for an axle used to hold up wheels that support the cable. I was maching the bushings last night and i though i had made a mistake and machined too i was woundering how would i tell what kind of material it was, as i thought i would be buying material to make a new bushing.

            But that wasn't the case. One of the shafts is smaller then the other.