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Turning Titanium ?

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  • Turning Titanium ?

    Hey all,

    I just got some small Titanium chunks. I want to turn some custom 3/8-24 bolts with a wider knurled head on them. These wil be used as thumb adjusters for small regulators.

    Any way, I was wondering it there are any hints ot tricks I should know before I start turming this stuff?

    Thanks in advance for any help ,hints or sugestions.

    Bart Hardwick
    Toronto Canada

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    When cutting threads in Titanium use very sharp tools, HSS will be fine but SHARP. Spring passes may be needed before checking with gage. As far as knurling< I have not knurled any ti. but I don't think it will be fun, I would use one of the clamb type knurling tools if you can otherwise you will put some real pressure on your crosslide screw which may shorten the life of your nuts.

    Paul G.
    Paul G.


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      And we wouldn't want that to happen would we?
      Jim H.


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        As per Paul, SHARP HSS is fine. Perhaps a somewhat slower rpm. Cutting titanium generates an astouding amount of heat, so some kind of coolant may be appropriate. The few times I've turned it, I've used mist coolant quite satisfactorily.

        There have been other notes on titanium posted, so check back in the archives.

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          I might as well chime in, having done a fair bit of it myself.
          It's nothing to be scared of; Ti is in fact rather friendly to work with. For all general intents and purposes, just treat it as though it were stainless steel. Kinda slowish, sharp prob. Knurling stainless isn't so easy either, but it helps to maybe angle the knurling wheel a bit, so's to reduce the forces needed to feed it in. If you don't have the clamp type, that is. Really, prob. Have at it.


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            Save it for something really important. Expensive stuff. But, if you insist - read the MSDS at as it can burn in air - use coolant.