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Latest Project - Model Deck Gun (pictures)

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  • Latest Project - Model Deck Gun (pictures)

    One tires of building model engines after a bit and I've always wanted to
    experiment with building model artillery - especially those of the WWI/WWII
    era. Sadly, plans for such are very difficult to find but, after raising a
    plea on this BBS, Jim Hannum was kind enough to send along plans from a war era
    magazine. Many thanks to Jim and this board for making this project possible.

    The gun is a British quick-firing six pounder. Although historical details
    from the magazine article were sketchy, I would imagine that this is the sort
    of gun that would have been used on the British Q-ships against submarines or
    unarmored merchant ships.

    The barrel is made from a recycled .22 rifle barrel. A working interrupted
    screw thread, lever-operated breech action is fitted. This incorporates a
    removable firing pin (for safety at shows and around inquisitive children),
    which, when not fitted to the gun, is hidden in the dummy shell shown in the

    Elevation and traverse are via worm wheels actuated by the hand wheels. These
    drive an elevation gear and miter gears hidden in the hollow base. The recoil
    mechanism is fully operable.

    The aimer's (elevation) sight is operable and has a range scale and working
    adjusting screw. The trainer's (azimuth) sight wasn't specified in the
    article so I winged it with a design of my own. Both sights incorporate tiny
    telescopes which have (plastic) objective lenses.

    I haven't attempted to fire it yet. Although it's chambered for .22LR, I want
    to start off with something less powerful, such as .22BB/CB caps, before
    I begin opening fire on the gophers with something more lethal :-)

    It was a fun project to build despite, working at typical hobbyist rate
    interrupted by many honey-dos, taking all summer. I hope to be able to get
    plans for some more artillery - especially a German 88 and maybe some quad
    mount AA as were used on Navy warships.

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    Regards, Marv

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    Wow, that's quite a model!

    Would love to track down sources of blueprints for the full sized article to use for modeling. Artillery, the v2 rocket engine, machine guns ala Cecil Walker's models, are all excellent subject material and a welcome change from the steam world.


    Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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      Beautiful work, Marv. Not a blemish anywhere and all very pleasing to the eye. And it's a shooter!


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        Wow, that is a very nice peice, and functional too

        How long is the barrell, and how did you drill it? Even with very good twist drills, that's a deep hole to keep straight.

        Edit: Oops!! Missed the part about the recycled rifle barrel, my bad!
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          Wow, that is AWESOME! Really--nice work!


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            Marv, this is just superb, and you say it did not take 10 years to build. It seems you did not get too many honeydues. Let us know how well it shoots. Vic


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              Very nice job Marv. It makes up into a pretty model and is different than the usual engines often seen.

              My plans are still in the future pile while I finish some of the other dozens of projects on my list. It is funny how the future pile grows faster than the completed one.

              Aguila makes a line of low power and sub-sonic 22 ammunition that would let you test your gun with little danger.
              Jim H.


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                That is BEAUTIFUL!

                I don't know if this helps, but there is a WWII era US submarine on display not far from me, and I remember my grandson and I playing with the elevation wheels on the deck gun. Do you want pictures of the deck gun ?


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                  Marv, Fantastic work! After all of your helpful math programs and assistance, I'm sure many have wondered what you build Have you put any sort of finish on the steel or is that the natural patina and lighting? Den


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                    now hows about something in in .50 cal ?


                    has some plans for a QF gun and some other plans .


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                      Hi Marv,

                      Here are some books that might interest you (I work at a bookstore two days a week, so this forum is a good way to pass the time):

                      Handbook of Artillery Instruments 1914
                      ISBN 1847343619

                      US Field Artillery of World War II
                      by Steven Zaloga
                      ISBN 1846030617
                      Osprey Publishing
                      RELEASE DATE: 1-30-07

                      US Anti-tank Artillery 1941-45
                      by Steven Zaloga
                      ISBN 1841766909
                      Osprey Publishing

                      British Artillery 1914-19: Heavy Artillery
                      by Dale Clarke
                      ISBN 1841767883
                      Osprey Publishing

                      The ISBN is like the fingerprint for the book. You should be able to give it to any bookseller or librarian and they'll be able to find it. I haven't actually looked at any of these, but the Osprey books are always really nice. Lots of pictures and maybe the occasional exploded or cutout view. The first book is a complete mystery to me though. Hope this helps.

                      Take care,
                      Stuart de Haro


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                        Any chance a pdf copy could be posted here or emailed?

                        I'd love to try and make one.



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                          That is just effin' unbelievable. Can I come over and help ya shoot some gopher's?



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                            Marv, very impressive, makes a unique and attrative display model. nice work.


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                              Hi Marv
                              Well I can only agree with other folks here, your work is very impressing , would also like to hear about the "patina" look of this piece.

                              Great job !
                              Mogens Kilde