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Lever ON/OFF Convention ???

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  • Lever ON/OFF Convention ???

    So I am designing a gear train for a X or Y movement on a lathe. And I need a means of disconnecting it. So I am planning on a movable gear, similar to the tumbler gears used for reversing. My question is, is there any convention in the WWM (wonderful world of machining) for ON and OFF? I mean should Up be On or Off? Or is it just a matter of chance in every design?
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    I can't answer your question with any knowledge on the subject but can say when I'm faced with that questions it is always Power "up" or Power "down". Otherwise I forget how I did it !!
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      Aparently not since I have seen several B-port mills and B-port mill clones with switches labeled FWD,OFF,FWD.One FWD is in fact FWD,but not the other and not all the time
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        Put it the way that makes sense to you. For myself, down would be disconnected.
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          What ever is comfortable for you,You are the one running it.


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            I would think that up for on - down for off is good.

            My colchester lathe has a clutch lever , you pull up for forward, down for off (down all the way for reverse)
            I like being able to knock it out of gear by just dropping my hand .