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  • ENCO Granite flats:

    Are ENCO granite flats black granite, or pink? The pic in the latest flyer shows a Starrett-looking pink or brown rock, but every time I see a photo someone posts online, it's charcoal/black.

    I was under the impression the pink stuff was from an American source, and the black stuff was almost universally Asian/Chinese.

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    My 10x18 is BLACK


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      You can never count on anything you purchase from ENCO resembling the picture in the catalog.
      Jim H.


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        Black granite is the stuff of toolroom grade B?surface plates both foreign and domestic.I have a China plate and a Yausa plate and both are black.

        JC has it right,Enco's stuff may or may not look as avertised.
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          Doc, before you order, inquire if the Plate comes with a certificate of accuracy from an American calibration firm. If not, I'd take they're claims of flatness with a grain of salt.

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            A Starrett salesman told me they dye them. (That's Starrett - I don't know specifically about Enco.) The ones Starrett were sitting on in Athol MA were naturally pink, but that quarry had been ruined years ago by blasting on the other side of the mountain, so Starrett had to get their material from elsewhere. India, China, South Aftica are big sources at the moment. The market is huge, what with the stuff being used for funerary monuments, architecture, kitchen countertops, air tables, and of course surface plates. Sometimes basalt is used and called "granite" but basalt doesn't have the little quartz crystals which are the really hard part in granite, so basalt takes a nice fine polish but doesn't last as long as we'd like our surface plates to last.


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              While I understand where you're coming from HRTN, I keep being told by owners of the import flats that they're actually quite, er, flat. Have you run across any that haven't been to reasonable spec, or is it just a general "Chinese stuff is junk" impression?

              Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)


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                The 12x18 I got from Enco is black. It came with a certificate of accuracy I believe it said .0002 on it but it's out in the shop as I write this and it's 5am with no coffee yet !! Mine cost me $24.00 (or close to that) with free shipping thanks to someone here posting the montly codes!

                I get a lot of use from mine. It stands on the bench as a monument to accuracy
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                  That is an intresting bump on the side of your tomb stone there. :-)