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Just talked to Thrud....

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  • Just talked to Thrud....

    For an hour or so. He's feeling poorly due to an abdominal surgery that he recently had(lost 50# in one day).
    He was full of worldly news as usual and had lots of the usual machining advice for noob (me).
    He said to say Hello to everyone and told me to tell Darin to fess up to his phone # via email
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Sorry to hear such news. I shall say some prayers for his swift recovery.
    Paul A.

    Make it fit.
    You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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      I'm a great fan of Thrud's. I've learned many things from him, although he usually had access to the "best of the best" tooling and so it lost some of its utility to those of us that struggle with what we can afford. This was a few years back. Thrud's vision took a turn for the worse and then we heard less and less from him. I hope he still drops by once in a while.

      It would have been great to hear a recording of that conversation with good old Thrud.

      Thrud, I hope you are getting proper medical attention. I've been helping my father get through some medical problems here in the U.S. and there are so many problems in our system, even as capitalism thrives at profit taking at every turn. Sometimes it seems like it preys on the sick and elderly. I'm not educated enough to know if socialised medicine can work. I have only seen the problems with how we do things in the United States right now. I'm glad that Haliburton is only interested in oil and war. Once they get into medicine we will all be eating soylent-green.

      I'm hoping that you get back to posting here again. You are missed my friend.



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        Miss You Thrud

        I miss you also Mike


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          Hello right back, and a speedy recovery. He is missed.