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  • clausing lathe help

    I am looking at a used Clausing 10x24 std drive (not variable speed). This machine has been sitting in this machinery/steel salvage place for over 2 1/2 years. The machine has a 3 jaw, 4 jaw, some collets and a faceplate it is kinda rough looking – meaning it has some rust, the paint is chipped ( it was not cleaned up), the cross slide wheel when I first saw it two years ago was bent and they have since fixed it, the wheels and controls seem to be kinda sticky, they have not gone through the machine which is okay but it looks like it needs a complete going over. I tried lifting the carriage and its dosen’t seem to have much movement and the ways seem okay.
    How much is a reasonable price for this unit – I live in San Diego and have never owned a lathe. 2 years ago when I first saw the lathe they wanted too much money for it $2200 and I was not ready to buy. Now I am looking seriously and like the Clausings but given the condition I don’t want to get taken or start in on a year long project fixing it up. Some my questions are how durable are these machines, are they worth fixing up, how easy is it to get parts, how much is a reasonable price to pay (if the motor runs and there appears to be no noises from the gearbox – they appear to never have run the machine for there is no plug and just the junction box with wires sticking our of it), if I do fix it what is the maximum it would be worth?
    Or is my money better spend on the Grizzly G9036 – I don’t need high precision or accuracy the lathe will be just for small motorcycle/car and other metalwork projects as needed.

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    The Clausing is a good choice. It is a solid lathe and parts are available and not too expensive.
    That said, by the sound of the lathe, anything over $1000.00 is too much, and even that may be too much.
    If you are in the San Diego area, there are lots of used machinery dealers around the Navy base. This is one of the best areas for used machinery I am familar with.
    Get out the phone book, look around National City and Chula Vista.
    Happy hunting.
    Jim H.


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      I have a similar lathe, a Clausing 10x24 Model 4902 and am very happy with it. I got mine really cheap at a school auction, but there was one recently on for $2400. I don't know if it sold. I would say check places like that or eBay or others to see what they are selling for. Only you know the condition of the one you are looking at though.


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        Check the motor, without a plug it may be three phase. Just a thought.


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          thanks for the help - I went and looked at the machine again and It looked worse the 2nd time - It was missing one of the front oiler tubes,the carriage moved alot when I lifed it up so I just walked away - Again thanks for the help.


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            Best of luck in your search - but then I guess any machine sitting in a salvage yard (uncovered?) for 2 1/2 years would only qualify as a boat anchor! Rest assured, if it had been any good it would have gone 2 1/4 years ago!

            If your looking for some good old iron why don't you try door knocking local shops to see if they are due to be scraping any older manual machinery? Worth a try, I know I've done it and been successful in the past doing this. This way you may also get lucky enough to talk to the operators to see what they think of the machine; and may even get to see it wired in and running.