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  • Canon Powershot S40 Camera//

    I ve been trying to get my canon camera to download into my computer xp operating system. I was going to try to show some project photos. I went to the canon download site and it just wont work. Hm any suggestions from the computer literate photo gurus out there.

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    I don't want to sound like a smart ass but your computer skills are your biggest problem.


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      I don't know that particular camera,but all I do is take the memory card out of the camera and put it in a card reader, then save the pictures into a folder.



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        If you install the WIA driver for the camera, you should be able to see the camera pop up in windows explorer as a drive or as a camera. Should be able to just drag and drop the pictures you want.


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          The camera doesn't require any driver. It will act as a mass storage device. It may not have a drive letter associated with it but it won't make a difference.

          Mike, hook up the camera with the USB cable and then open My Computer. It should show up there as a Canon camera. Just double click on that and it should open another window that shows a folder or two. Double clik those to see your pics. Then you can drag and drop wherever you need.
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            Thanx Evan

            Evan ive loaded photoes before no problem. That was with windows 98 but now i have the xp windows. It doesnt work >? Thanx for the tips though the canon site sid it doesnt support upgrades on some of there camera software? I still dont like computers Mike


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              I feel your pain Mike. I don't have XP but I think it should work the same.

              Did your camera come with a CD of misc. software? It should come with a program that you install on your PC and sits in the background just waiting for you to plug the USB cable into your camera (camera switched off.) Once the camera is switched on, the program should recognize your camera, launch itself and ask you what pictures you wish to transfer to the PC. Once transferred, you can do whatever you want with them. HTH

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                BillH is right, you will have to download the Driver for the camera.

                Here are the instructions:

                Digital Camera PowerShot S40


                Category : Difficulties when connecting to the computer Description : My computer does not detect the camera connected through USB
                How to Install the WIA Driver on Windows XP

                The following describes how to install the WIA driver on Windows XP.

                (The WIA driver is a USB compliant driver that supports only Windows Me/XP.)

                Installation is performed in two steps.

                Step I: Install the driver software from the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk

                Step II: Connect the camera to the computer to complete the WIA driver installation.

                Important 1: Do not connect the camera to the computer until Step II.

                Important 2: If you are using Windows XP Professional, you must first log in as an Administrator (computer system administrator) before you can install any programs.

                Step I: Install the driver software from the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk.

                1. Close any applications that are currently running.

                2. Insert the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk in the computer's CD-ROM drive.

                The installer panel is displayed automatically.

                If the installer panel does not appear automatically, follow the procedure to display it.

                (2-1) Select [My Computer] from the [Start] menu.

                (2-2) Right-click the CD-ROM icon, and then select [Open].

                (2-3) Double-click the [Setup] or [Setup.exe] icon.

                3. Click [Software Installation] in the installer panel.

                Installer Panel

                4. Read the product license agreement and click [Yes] if you consent to all the conditions.

                5. Check the installation folder, and then click [Next].

                6. Click the [Canon Camera USB WIA Driver] checkbox in the [Select Component] dialog box, and then click [Next].

                7. Select your camera model, and then click [Next].

                8. Check the installation details, and then click [Next].

                9. Click [OK] in the [Canon Solution Disk setup program has copied the required files to your computer.] dialog box.

                10. When the installer panel appears, click [Exit].

                11. Remove the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk.

                This completes Step I.

                Now, continue with Step II to complete the WIA driver installation.

                Step II: Complete the WIA driver installation.

                12. Check that the camera's [Communication] setting is set to [Normal], and then turn the camera off.

                13. Connect the USB cable supplied with your camera to the USB port on your computer and the digital terminal on your camera.

                You do not need to shut down the computer now.

                Precautions when connecting the USB cable to the USB port

                (1) Connect the camera directly to the computer with a USB cable.

                (2) The connection may not operate correctly if you are using other USB devices (excludes a USB mouse or keyboard) at the same time.

                In this case, disconnect the other devices from the computer and try reconnecting the camera.

                (3) Do not connect two or more cameras to the same computer via the USB interface. The connections may not operate correctly.

                (4) See the User's Guide supplied with your camera for information on how to connect and disconnect the USB cable.

                (5) For the location of USB port on your computer, see the instruction manual supplied with your computer.

                14. Set the mode switch on your camera to Replay mode, and then turn the camera on.

                Some cameras turn on automatically when connected to the computer. For further information, see the User's Guide supplied with your camera.

                15. Once the camera and the computer are connected, the Add New Hardware Wizard opens and starts installing the WIA driver automatically.

                This completes the WIA driver installation.
                Go to this page to download the driver software if you don't have the disk that came with the camera.

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                  Originally posted by madman
                  I still dont like computers Mike
                  Computers are our friend. (Like in the new Geico commercial) Did someone get up on the wrong side of the rock?
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                    Allan It werked

                    I have a card reader just plugged it in and just sent dave cofer some fixture pictures. Ive had nuff computer for one day. Thanx everyone. It appears my camera likes win 98 a lot more than xp. Later Mike