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bridgeport brake adjustment/replacement

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  • bridgeport brake adjustment/replacement

    I was wondering how indepth it is to change the brake on a early bridgeport (circa 1941 s/n j1249) or if it is even possible to adjust it. The brake works...sort of but seems as though it is camming almost completely before it does anything.
    -Rob comer

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    This has been discussed here before. Here is one thread that might be of interest to you. A search of the archives for "Bridgeport brake" might turn up other, more detailed discussions.

    I'm pretty sure that one of our sponsor's magazines (either Homeshop Machinist or Metal Working) had an article 4 or 5 years back that described in minute detail the procedures. I don't recall which issue. Maybe someone else can help.


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      Sounds like they are wore out .Not a hard job to do. and if yoy got a BP you need to know how it works . Take it apart. about a 3 hour job to fix . Did one last wed. and need to do a Legune nexk week,
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        I have had several apart expecting to change shoes,but upon inspection they were just saturated with grease/grime.Cleaned the shoes and pulley surface with disc brake cleaner and had them working fine.
        I just need one more tool,just one!