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    Well GreenWillyPeter glad to see your back. How did you make out with the following: "It's been another real experience. When I get my lathe up and running I'll stop by again to see if the players have changed, but now the sun is out and the rats are just waiting to die. Go two rifles finished today and 200 rounds apiece loaded up. My rig is all set up. Time to go kill something soft and furry. I'll be back when the snow flies."?

    Neil Peters
    Neil Peters

    When on the hunt, a broken part is better than no part at all.


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      Neil, It ain't worth it. Mike


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        Of course the players don't change or attitudes and it ain't worth it and never has been, for sure. I got my lathe set up and running. Built a few pieces and parts to make other pieces and parts. Swapped in a big bore barrel on a Savage 110. Used up all the ammo, then a lot more. What makes you go back so far and quote me??????I think Freud would have something to say about that. Made a few gauges for different calibers to test a few ideas. Getting the pieces and parts ready to build a milling attachment for the lathe and generally exlporing the parameters of my new toy. Oh, yes, had a close encounter with a large carnivore while scouting for wood. Nice to see there are a few still around that will piss on you when you get too close. Upset my dog no end. She thinks all cats are edible fare and couldn't understand why this one was off limits. See, there is plenty to do and see way out in the boonies, and just as much fun. Kinda like walking at night in EastLA or NorthLV when you're a white boy, an adventure every minute.

        How do you set your lathe up to cut an inside taper of 0.356آ° x 1.90"?

        GreenWillyPeter at your service. Step outside and listen to the whooping cranes, the're telling you a story.


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          Trig, a dial indicator, a test bar, and a compound.

          One leg of the triangle is 1.900", trig out the other leg. Mark out your test bar with scribed lines 1.900" apart. Run the dial indicator between the lines using the compound and adjust the angle until the DI shows the proper travel. Only trick is making sure you're on the center line and the indicater is square to the test bar.

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            Thanks Dave. I used the tan -1 to come up with the fractional degree number and guessed cutting the inside taper was the same theory as cutting an outside taper with the compound. Getting it set up is where the bear is chasing the squirrel. It seemed just too simple at first. I keep looking for complicated. The runout on the spindle is right at 0.0005" and I haven't lined up the tailstock nor leveled the lathe close enough yet. The cheap Precision level I bought isn't so precision and I don't have anything but an 8 ft carpenters level to check it with????? I know...another example of the nickle waggin the dollar and economy over quality. I hang my head for 1 second.

            Thanks again Dave. Give yourself a great big hug, you did good.

            GreenWillyPeter at your service. Sometimes you waste the dragon, sometimes the dragon has a tasty tidbit for lunch.


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              No Prob. Pet the puma for me (the four leged one, not the one eyed one). Damn dog was out barking at coons or cats or something this five am. Got the other two going to.

              If you're sweating five tenths then you're going to want to check your results and be prepared to do it over. Use a sine bar for best results. If you've got the male taper you can check it with prussian blue.


              Never anger a dragon, for thou art crunchy and go well with brie.

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                I'm just glad that particular ***** stayed in the bush. Couldn't tell what sex for sure. Would have been a total shame if decided to come out to play. Makes you understand that man isn't at the top of the food chain in some parts, we only have the tools to end things. In long days past a .22 would have turned that cat into a mount to show my "prowess". I did some sad things when I didn't know better.

                I'm happy with the runout and not worried about such small things. I can hold a thou most of the time and that's good enough for the girls used to go with. If I can get between 6 and 7 thou taper it will hold what I want to hold just fine. It's only an exercise to check out my math and the lathe.


                GreenWillyPeter at your service. That dragon has very bad halitosis.