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quality of rotary tables ???

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  • quality of rotary tables ???

    I`m thinking of buying a six inch rotary table from CDCO, does anybody out there have one and if so what do you think of the quality of it? I`ve bought a number of items from them and the stuff looks like it`s well made but I`m concerned about something as complex as a rotary table . Thank you for a speedy response, Paul in Oregon.

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    I can't comment on the quality, but I am wondering if you'll find a 6" table on the small side. It of course depends on the size of the work you contemplate doing, but by the time you allow space for clamps and such, 6" doesn't leave much room.

    Just something to think about -- maybe not applicable to your situation....
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      Dont know about the CDCO table, but there were some horror stories about some of the unknown brands, (particularly HF, for one). But for a known product and a good price + free shipping, it'd be hard to beat the Phase ll from ENCO. I've got one, and have read comments from several others, and it gets high praise.

      The 6" is on sale at $170 & the 8" at $180, both qualifying for the free frt. I would also recommend the 8 if you can at all fit on your machine. The free frt code is WBNRN6
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        Buy your Phase II from our own member, Kap Pullen. He gives great service and his price is good too!

        I don't know Kap personally, but I did buy an 8" H/V from him, the experience was great, and I like to see the little guys succeed too.


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          If I had it to do over...I'd have bought an 8" R/T also. I'm finding the 6" table too small for a lot of things I do.
          Wow! Kap has some nice stuff. I sure do like that Super Dex.
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            I bought a 10" from Grizzly and found it to be very good. I have not been able to see any errors in the work done on it.

            But it weighs a ton. About at the limit of what I can lift and set down gently.
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