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    hello all new to the site very interesting stuff having a lot fun checking it all out but have a ? im trying to find some plans or anything on how to build a cheap wire stripper for scrapping out copper wire any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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    Wire Stripper? Why go to all that trouble and not inconsiderable expense to strip wire in the quantities needed to make it worthwhile to sell. Do what nearly everyone else does. Find a suitable spot, make a big pile of wire and old pallet wood, douse it with some accellerant ( gasoline, kerosene, etc.) and burn it. When the fire goes out you have perfectly saleable copper scrap. Not pretty and certainly not environmentally friendly, but it will work, and it destroys all the evidence of where you might have gotten all that wire, if such is a necessary concern. I don't think this will work well with aluminum wire, though, unless you can limit the temperature somehow.


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      Yeah, burning wire works well. It is illegal in nearly all jurisdictions and can carry penalties of thousands of dollars.
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        Picture a piece of steel with a hole borred in it to accept the largest wire commonly seen.On opposite sides of the hole there are two pipe cutter wheels.One is spring loaded,the other stationary.As you pull the wire through both sides of the insulation is cut and can be stripped off easily.That was a factory version I saw.

        A simple one was a vee block with a sharp blade sticking down into the vee.The blade was just adjusted down and the wire pulled through.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          $45 Gallon Metal Drum

          Fill half way with old wood skids light throw in copper wire hunks salvaged from old transformers hydro lines haha. if no coating you get a little bit more for it. Lots of money to be made just look at all those hydro wires just hanging around doing nothing all over the country. LOL. I was 4 wheeling in the northern bush last summer. I found a old power line stretching across the tundra. I was tempted to cut the poles down and salvage the miles of copper wire Moocho dinero i think.. Also a really large old building in the nearby old ghost mining town has solid copper roofing sheet panels on the roof must be tons there. HM. Later Mike


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            ok well thanks for some of the help but if you burn the copper you get docked on the price of it so that isnt a good ideal and i get all my copper wire legally thank you very much just trying too find an easier way to get the insulation of it other then my good ole razor knife kinda figured somebody would have come up with a way to do it since the price of copper is so high these days would love to know where the solid copper roofing sheets are at wish they was close to me alot of money there well hey talk to you later and thanks for the replys.