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Surface grinder spindle taper

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  • Surface grinder spindle taper

    I have a Rockwell Delta Toolmaker grinder and have an opportunity to buy some more wheel hubs that are not specifically for this grinder. As those of you who use a grinder know there is some value in keeping the hubs affixed to a given wheel (balancing etc) and just swapping out the hub/wheel combination. Is there a standard for the taper (as has been implied to me) such that these hubs from other grinders are likely to fit or are they all different?

    Usually I find that the great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from

    I don't have all the measurements, but I vaguely remember that the wide end of the tapered bore in the hub I have is .875 and it tapers down to something like .53something on the other side, but do not remember the length of the taper and don't have it here to measure.

    thanks in advance!
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    Paul Carpenter
    Mapleton, IL

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    If my memory serves me correct their are two styles of wheel adapters. . One is classed as cincinatti type the other is far every thing else . Look under grinding wheel adapters in a tool catalog MSC Travers Rutland are such. Travers page 869
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      It should be 3" per foot for North American and some European built grinders.


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        I also have a Rockwell Delta Toolmaker, and have dealt with the issue of grinding wheel adapters (hubs). Here’s what I found: The spindle taper is standard (3” per foot), but the diameter (about 7/8” at the large end) is smaller than other common grinders, so common wheel adapters won’t work.

        My grinder came with the original (presumably) adapter, and I bought a second adapter from Sopko (they have a great web site with dimensioned drawings of all of their adapters). Easily found with a web search. At about $100, it wasn’t cheap, but the quality was excellent, and the people at Sopko were more than helpful. I wasn’t able to find any other source for wheel adapters for this grinder, including Delta.

        Another thing you need to be careful is right-hand. vs. left-hand thread for the nut that secures the wheel. Most surface grinders spin clockwise (when viewed from the front), and therefore require a left hand thread. My grinder (made in 1946, according to Delta) turns counter-clockwise so needs a right-hand thread. I’m not sure, but I think the later model Toolmakers turn clockwise, so be careful here.

        Someday, when I get around to it, I plan to carefully set the taper attachment on my lathe and make 3 or 4 more adapters. It would be handy to just leave all my wheels on adapters, so they can be slapped on and used without truing (or with very little truing).



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          I took some quick measurements on my ToolMaker this afternoon, and came up with .875 large diameter and 3 inches per foot taper. Looking at the SOPKO website, I found this page, with what appears to be the proper adapter, #00815, at the top of the page.

          Before ordering one, I would call and verify the dimensions of the relief at the back of the adapter, and the inside diameter of the nose, where the fixing nut goes.

          SOPKO is referring to 1" dia. X 3"/ft taper as "standard." Unfortunately, this is and the "Cincinnatti" adapters are all that TRAVERS carries, and won't work on our ToolMaker grinders.


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            John-- I thank you and the others for your help and time. I was not aware that surface grinder hubs were a fairly standard item from places like Travers in spite of having their catalogs just *presumed* that they were somehow a manufacturer only item.

            I have the newer Toolmaker grinder (24-150 rings a bell) and it would appear that there is a difference in the spindle taper.

            The Travers listing gave the needed taper information and I did some measuring. I found that mine are the Cincinnati standard (.875 major diameter, 4.5"/ft taper) using my crude measurements. The large diameter is .875 and the taper calculated out to something like 4.48something....and I am guessing the error was probably due to my crude measurements using the tail of a caliper for depth etc.

            I'm just way too cheap to pay full price for a hub for a grinder I got so cheap. I will just keep my eye out...and at least I know what to look for now.

            Paul Carpenter
            Mapleton, IL