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  • Non toxic solvent

    Any of you ever use this at home?

    Aside from working best when heated and the logistics of that, doesn't sound bad.

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    Nearly all solvents work best when heated.

    I am suspicious of anyone that won't provide the MSDS online. It makes it seem that they are hiding something. Apparently they are.

    N-Terpinal is a made up name. The chemical is a terpene, N-Terpineol, otherwise know as modified turpentine (deodorized).

    They also do not say it is non-toxic.

    Is N-Terpinal hazardous?
    No, while the usual precautions for any chemical should be taken, N-Terpinal does not contain caustic, acid, ketones, or other toxic substances. It has been approved as nonhazardous for shipping, as well.
    So now we know what it doesn't contain that is toxic. What it is is basically concentrated Pinesol without the added strong scent. I wouldn't want to drink it. It is a form of alcohol called terpene alcohol. The "N" indicates that it is a mixture of terpenes including mono and diterpenes, same as turpentine.

    I'll bet turpentine is cheaper.
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