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Miniature Dovetail Tool Holders?

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  • Miniature Dovetail Tool Holders?

    Weird stuff i know but does anyone commercially sell small dovetail tool holders (3/8 square shank) that could be integrated into a fll cutter style cutter and then be mildly adjustable for diameter of cut using a trappanning tool. HM

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    Madman, if it's for your other project, I'd just get a beefy enough piece of rod and drill holes at the appropriate points for the trepanning tools. You can hand grid the tools to adjust it a little closer. If you can't get close enough that way, have the outer rod thread into the inner and the piece of shaft the outer trepan is on will need to slide over that to keep the tool vertical. Use setscrews until you get a successful prototype cut to work within tolerances, and then loctite everything down. You will want at least 2 and preferably 4 setscrews at right angles to one another. Even better than loctite would be silver solder or a weld. You just want the adjustability until you have the thing working. It will be hard to make it hold up for 1000's of uses, and who cares anyway, you just want to get the job done.

    Alternatively, what you describe is a boring head. If you can think of a way to rig up a boring head to serve as the adjustable piece, you might be doing well. I would look try to arrange for a center hole to mount a hole saw in the bottom of the boring head, and then use the head's adjustment to move the OD trepan tool in and out. Given the dimensions, It will have to sit on a decent sized rod.

    If you want to build it from scratch, some fellows over on CNC Zone did track down sources of dovetail aluminum extrusions. You'd have to go over there and do some searches to track it down, or perhaps just Google for it, but they do exist.


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