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New powered drawbar project for mill just finished...

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    Nice job Bob!

    Originally posted by BobWarfield
    I will be monitoring whether there is any undue wear on the drawbar. There hasn't been so far.
    but I suppose it would be something to consider if you think your drawbar is getting beat up.
    Personally, I wouldn't worry about the impact wrench damaging the drawbar -- they cost $20 at MSC, Enco et al. But I'd keep an eye on the collet threads: that impact wrench is hammering the drawbar around 17 times per second with 75 ft lbs of torque, and most Asian collets don't have hardened threads.

    Looks like a fun project!

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      Sid, thanks for posting. I have had a lot of people ask me how to do it without the air cylinder, but I had never actually seen one done. Very nice! That's a big ole mill, eh?

      Lazlo, I'll keep an eye out on the whole works. Have yet to use an R8 collet in this mill (mill holders and an ER32 collet chuck), but the threads on the other R8 shanks may be susceptible as well.

      I have to admit, the little air cylinder worked real well. I will also be on the lookout for other opportunities to fiddle with such things in the shop. Pneumatics are pretty cool.


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