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I think Ispy a planer

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  • I think Ispy a planer

    well i think i spy a planer dressed up assomething else.
    what is she? open sided hydraulic planer ?
    almost home shop sized (for some) , probably needs a lot of work but who knows ?if it were near me i would be on it !

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    Rockford hydraulic open sided planer, with a Bridgeport head on it.



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      Yep, rockford 36 inch shaper

      At least that is what Rockford calls it. I would call it a small open sided planer. It only has a little over 36" of travel if it is the model that I am thinking of, plus they missed the weight the manual says it is an 8500# net weight 9250# in the crate. I wish they would have shown a picture of the sides of the machine so we could see the name plate and if it had a motor still attached. I wonder if a bunch of parts have been stripped off of it to get the weight to 6000#. The price they want is way out of line. The last one of these that I saw was in beautiful condition, came out of a Navy yard, then sat in a machine shop for 30 years. You could still see the scraping marks on the ways. The price was merely to haul it away to make room for the new VMC the shop was having delivered.


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        Yep price is off,last one I saw go was an older Ohio,it was old,but in working shape with tooling and a 8' stroke,it fetched $600 loaded.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          the last planer i saw for sale went for $900. it had a 20 FOOT long stroke and was sold for scrap. it was powered by a huge DC motor with a bank of open electrical relays that brought back visions of some old Frankenstein movie. i didn't get to measure it, but the old gent running it was the one who had originally installed it and said it would hold 0.002" over the entire stroke.

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            I never ceased to be amazed at some sellers fantasy that anyone would buy something like that without showing the whole machine.

            As the wind whistles and tumbleweeds roll thru another eBay sellers empty skull...


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              you have to wonder ,
              by the time you have wrestled it into little bits and dragged it off to its new home, poured concrete, fixed electricals,hydraulics ,then lets not even think about sorting out wear or what ever alignment issues itmay have.

              its going to costa lot of money
              ,so the least he could do is market the thing with a few decent pics, after all,it only takes the same amount of time to put up some good photos.