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carroll dividing head questions???

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  • carroll dividing head questions???

    Hi Guys,
    Just picked up a moderately used carroll dividing head for my mill. (rockwell 2100). Wondering if anybody knows of a downloadable manual or any info for this unit...or, happens to have a manual they'd copy/sell?

    I'm not sure how these are referred to, size-wise, but this one looks like it would handle at a maximum, a 6" chuck. Can't find a model number or anything on it.

    Many thanks and all the best to everyone for the holidays !!


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    Dont have any manuals . But use to have a 12 inch Carroll dividing head uses standard Brown & Sharp plate hole pattern Machinist Hand book has hole pattern chart so does machinist ready referance`s. Most any machinist book has chart for both B&S and Cincinatti all dividing heads with 40-1 ratio use one or the other That should be all you need to know . as far as dividing heads go they all work the same . Any good machine shop text book should explain the useage. Look for an old Audels Machinists and Tool Makers Handy Bool VERY go info in it on Dividing Heads . Exlplanes all types and useage.About 1945 edition + or _ few years.
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      thanks !

      Thanks Lane,
      Thats pretty much all i wanted to know...already got an old Audels (great book!)...just wasn't sure if there was anything "one off" about this particular one.

      Many thanks!



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        I've scanned in some product literature for the Carroll dividing heads. There's no manual but the file does have specs on the heads and an index chart. Email me or PM me with a valid address if you'd liek a copy in PDF format.

        Mike Henry near Chicago


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            Are you pissed ??

            You are answering a 2006 post or did you think you were talking to Carol ?

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