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Industrial Hobbies mills back on the market?

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  • Industrial Hobbies mills back on the market?

    It looks like it:
    I've sent him an email request since I just missed out on the last of the mills when he closed shop. I'll add more when I hear back.

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    That's maybe 25 miles from me.
    Talk about local support!
    I'm having a great time with my IH mill and hope they succeed.


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        Now that is funny. Everything is cyclic, everything.

        I imagine if we wait long enough we will see the "full circle" of natural law. Natural law! you say. I dont remember that in physics class.

        Yep, I think it should be a law of nature. The universe and everything in it has a natural cyclic period.

        Ooop, I strayed again.

        Oh, thats it, I was waitin for my bus, or cyclic event to come back around.

        My point....

        Aaron was in business as Industrial Hobbies in Connecticut (I believe) when I bought a conversion from him awhile back.

        Now the operation will be back in the cold zone.

        Not that it matters much. Aaron was a great guy back east and while out here.

        Just funny how the business name wants to go "home"....JRouche

        After thinking about it maybe it was Maine. Close enough for me Cold, Cold towns there.

        Oh yeah, as for that cyclic crap, all bets are off, I got my states wrong, AGAIN !
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          I'm so glad to hear that....That was definitely the particular mill I would have bought out of all the ones like it.....good sized table and beefier in certain areas than others.

          The site seemed to be informative and helpful as well.

          Looks like the price went up a bit, but now my shipping cost would be less....six of one I guess.

          I hope it works out and they do well.