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Craftsman Model 80 and Jet BD920N Lathes

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  • Craftsman Model 80 and Jet BD920N Lathes

    Been quite a while since I posted last here. Within the last six weeks I went from no personal home machines to having a drill press, a Craftsman Model 80 mini lathe (circa WWII years) and most recently a Jet BD 920 N lathe, fully tooled but for a few cutters. All are big time overhauls, the Craftsman is just the lathe itself, the motor does not have the "rocker" and is suspect. The Jet is an old beaten to death school shop model, but is showing promise with some major TLC.

    Just wondering if anyone has comments on these two machines, has tried to do rebuild projects on these, quality ideas on the Jet machine may know parts availability for the Craftsman, or would share details for the motor mounting system...whatever.

    Having fun. I have all the machines at work to make things

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    9x20 lathe

    There is a rebuild manual on yahoo groups on that lathe at in the files section.

    These lathes are also sold by Grizzly Tool:

    I've gotten a number of back up parts from the online parts finder and exploded diagrams. I've got one of the Harbor Freight 9x20's and made some mods like a DC drive and improved tool post. I also made an ER-32 collet chuck which makes small work fun. It makes is a reasonable lathe for light work at home. Jim


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      The little 9x20 could arguably be the most popular lathe out there! They're relatively inexpensive, fairly well made --(probably better than the Zamac loaded Craftsmans back then) and a huge following, with dozens of modifications, improvements , gizmos, etc, etc. There are actually 2 yahoo sites for this lathe,--- IIRC, the #2 site got loaded up with so much info it got clunky and another site was started (or maybe vice versa), anyhow, most of the question, answer, comments, etc, goes on at this site..........almost 5000 members!
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        Model 80 = AA = 109 = not worth much.

        As odd as the 9 x 20 are, a good 4" or 5" machine on stilts, they are several times the machine as the model 80, as you no doubt have surmised already.

        There is a guy on the Atlas Craftsman Yahoo group that deals in parts though.

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          Small craftsman

          I have a couple of the little craftsman lathes will get back to you with more info later.
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            Having owned a Jet 9x20 for a coupla-3 years now, I hafta say the first (and major) improvement is to make yourself a 4-bolt topslide clamp.
            Good little machine after some work. Mine's seen a lot of use, mainly 316.
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              Probly the simple thing to do is mount the motor on a board hinge the board to the bench. I have and original motor mount, rocker as you call. Can get you a photo if you need it. The reason for this was you used one motor for multiple craftsman machines. IIRC shirline uses the same spindle thread. The tail stock is 0 mT same as sherline . So tooling like live centers drill chuck arbors etc are available through sherline.
              A2ZCNC makes a nice little QC tool holder set for under $ 100.


     Also carries stuff for small machine tools
              These sites may also help.



              Hope this helps
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