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Metric Dowel Pins, Source?

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  • Metric Dowel Pins, Source?

    I'm have been looking unsuccessfully for 7mm x 7mm hardened
    dowel pins. I need them for the one-way clutches on my Schaublin
    milling machine. Plenty of 6 and 8mm out there but not 7.
    W.M. Berg was the only one and they wanted six weeks, $7.00
    a pin with a minimum of 100! Can anyone help?

    Ed P2

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    You could get drill blank material (usually high speed steel) and have it centerless ground to size, then cut to length. Better yet, there might be metric drill blanks available.

    Likewise you could buy the 8mm pins and have them ground down, although dowels pins seem to be softer towards the center.

    How about metric gage pins?

    Parker Steel, somewhere in the midwest, specializes in metric material sizes. They may have a source.

    How about a bearing company. Torrington makes one-way clutches, maybe they have some. Try a bearing supply house.

    Whatever, you certainly can beat the quoted price of $700. The grinder I use typically charges $100 for odd jobs like yours.

    Boston Centerless (near Boston) is a company I've used a few times. Maybe they have some thoughts.


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      I like the metric drill blank idea. McMaster-Carr has 7mm drill blanks, 4+ inches
      long, for $5.11 each. Cut one up with an abrasive wheel into 7mm lengths, and you have about 12 pieces, give or take (depending on the kerf).
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        Can you find an existing roller bearing with rollers to suit?

        All of the gear, no idea...


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          try Maryland Metrics, they seem to have just about everything in metric.


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            Thanks for the ideas. I've already tried Maryland Metrics, but I'll
            try some of the others.

            Ed P2