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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I was looking for the Chaski this it? My husband was an active member of that forum, he died in 2005, I communicated with the group a few times regarding selling his workshop. His name was Len/Leonard/Lenny. If this is not the same forum, I'm sure there are members here who were/are members there.

    Is there any site on this particular BBS to sell equipment? I am totally ready to sell off every bit of his metalworking stuff. I don't want to break rules and post stuff for sale if that is not allowed. Please respond to this request for info.

    Len's wife, Debbie

    P.S. Is there any way one can actually access the Chaski site? Access seems to be extremely restricted...hard to understand for a metal working site. Could anyone help me with this. Hope I'm not causing any problems here.
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    Debbie, I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.

    But regretably, advertising for sale is not appropriate on this site. However, in case you're not aware, the sponsor of this site, Village Press, is the publisher of three fine magazines each of which are aimed at a readership that would be an ideal target audience for sale of your late husband's equipment. May I suggest you investigate placing a classified ad in those magazines. That would be a good way to reach a nationwide audience.

    Also, there is another site, Practical Machinist, that I understand DOES permit advertising the sale of such items.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      This is the link to the PM Forum's for sale section:

      I remember your posts on Chaski after Len died. I believe Chaski is undergoing some real problems, not sure when of if it will be back online.

      Sorry for your loss.
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      Paul in NE Ohio


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        Debbi, like the others, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I can only suggest that you might try . It looks pretty smultsy but I've heard a lot of items get moved on that site. It may even be free, I'm not sure. The big draw to it is you can localize the board so that someone wanting a lathe can look in you specific locality as they are hard to ship due to their weight.

        Good luck Debbi and if you need, if you right down the name plate information of some of the larger items I'm sure the guys here will be able to help you get a handle on what the approximate value is. I do think you'll do better working online than in the local newspapers.

        good luck,
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          Sorry to hear of your loss.

          Craigslist is free. If you are in or close to one of the metro areas that has it's own craigslist site, you can place the ad in the "tools" category. I've bought and sold via Craigslist, and routinely check the tools listings a couple times a day. You can upload up to 4 pix direct from your own computer to use in your ad, or you can add extra images into your ad if you have them hosted somewhere.

          Again, depending on where you're located, an auction may be a possibility if you can contact a large enough and reputeable auction co.

          Don't want to sound alarmist or paranoid, but if you're living on your own, give a thought to how many strangers you want knowing where you live, knocking on your door with a classified ad in one hand and devious intentions in the other.


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            I participate on the Chaski site all the time. I remember Len quite well and remember hearing he past away. The Chaski sitet has been broke down for several days.

            To find the Chaski site; type; home machinist chaski ENTER and the links will pop up.

            Here is a place you can advertise:

            Good luck
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