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Concrete raising /jacking? question

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    Have you thought about how to allow for shrinkage as the mud dries out?


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      Shavingmaker: Hand book for civil engineeers says sand is good filler, clay is bad. Mixture of clay/sand is changed by kjust handling- but in this case the desire is to knowwhat it will do after handling. The books say there are "liquid, transition, solids" phases. They advise starting in liquid phase, when the water dissapears it is in transition. then it will shrink (volume varies as it drys). so fill a tub or bucket, let it dry and measure- then pump the extra percentage in when the slabs are level and it should be level when dry. .

      I can see this jacking could be like getting a table level in reverese. measure you height and when floor approaches the ceiling QUIT!!!

      EDIT comment: if the floor is tied to the slab keep jacking til you hear the angles sing! or need supplemental O2. Good luck- with advice like ours you may need it

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