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  • $100 Honey

    A month or so ago, I was at an auction and picked up a barreled action and a semi-inletted stock.

    The action was a Springfield 1903 that had an M1922, 22 cal barrel and bolt installed on it. Some of the work had been done, and there was a cigar box of parts with it. I got it all for $50.00.

    Later in the same auction, I picked up a semi-inletted Fajen stock for $20.00.

    The cigar box had the magazine, a Buehler low scope mount and a Timney trigger.

    I added a Lyman All American 6X scope I picked up at another auction a year or so ago for $10.00, and after a bit of work, I ended up with this;

    Some of the fun included adapting the 03 action to accept the M2 magazine, so it is a repeater and modifying a set of Weaver rings to the Buehler mount.

    With all the bits & pieces, I have less than a total of $100.00 invested. These projects are what make the home shop pay off.
    Jim H.

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    Originally posted by JCHannum
    Later in the same auction, I picked up a semi-inletted Fajen stock for $20.00.
    Steal!!! JRouche
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      That is sure one nice hunk of wallnut! Gary P. Hansen
      In memory of Marine Engineer Paul Miller who gave his life for his country 7-19-2010 Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Freedom is not free, it is paid for with blood.


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        C-note and some time = WOW!

        I have been going to the wrong auctions!
        Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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          Great looking shooter!
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          Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

          It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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            Hows it shoot?


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              That stock is nice. I like the patttern. Good deal.


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                Well done Jim looks like a good deal I know nothing about guns but the sight alone must be worth that happy hunting regards Alistair
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                  I am pleased with the way the stock turned out. It is my first shot at inletting. I sanded it to 600 grit wet or dry and finished with Tru Oil. I probably have close to 40 hours in the wood all together.

                  I haven't sighted it in yet, but it should be pretty accurate. The M1922 was a trainer, but also used in match competition. The barrel is tapped for scope blocks and I suspect it is a better quality. The rifling is in excellent condition.

                  I have wanted to build a 1903 sporter for many years, but really don't have a need for the 30-06. The 22 fills the bill, and I will be able to get some use out of it as well.
                  Jim H.


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                    Great job JC, excellent action, beautiful stock, cheap to shoot, not much invested......... you need to start buying lottery tickets.


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                      Man, that is some kinda nice! Thanks for sharing. Jim
                      Jim, By the river enjoying life...


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                        After seeing your title I thought it might be OT But now that I see it's not that kind of Honey

                        Nice work,I too have been attending the wrong auctions
                        I just need one more tool,just one!