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  • Is it true?

    Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from really ugly olives?

    Just following YODs New Patent example.

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    You didn't tell it right.
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      i could use a couple of extra virgins.

      andy b.
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        No it's excreted from popeyes girlfriend Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          Well obviously you aren't a "wordly" type of guy. I watch Fine Living on the satelite. There, all the cooking shows only refer to it as EVOO. So to answer your question, no. Like some other virgens, the really ugly olives are so ugly they actually smoke and have an acrid taste! There's ugly and then there's what is frequently referred to as uuuuggglly.
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            < There's ugly and then there's what is frequently referred to as uuuuggglly.>

            Think you got the LAST word wrong, should read FFffuuuuugggly.