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  • Project updates - What do you have going on?

    Thought that it might be a good time to see what everyone is up to project wise. A few have been listed here in the past few days but I know with the new year approaching, your re-working your project list.

    Me - With some time off and a bit of money in my pocket, I have found another project to get into.

    I found an Bridgeport M-head at the local dealer. We made a good deal on it and I brought it home. I plan to attach it to the round ram on the Van Norman so that I have a quick way to drill holes.

    I really like the quill feed of a Bridgeport in comparison to the way my VN drilling attachment works. Dont get me wrong, if I had to drill a 2" hole in something, the VN attachment would be the way to go. On the VN, a big handle turns a fine screw and makes the drill plunge. Fine screw + big handle = the force a 2" drill would need.

    But I mostly use smaller drills and mills. No wonder Bridgeport made adapters to fit their head to other equipment. What vision. That head was a great design.

    Here are some shots. And yes, it was together when I got it. I just couldnt wait to start working on it and took the photos a bit late.

    Here is the head with the round ram attachment in the background.
    Click for larger photo.

    A bit of braze helped me get a great deal. Looks like someone forgot that they were on the bottom of the quill stop and kept turning the handle. Wonder who got the dope-slap for that. Whoever it was, I bet it was not hard enough.

    Belt cover and sheaves.

    And here is what I should get by the time I'm done.
    This is a photo of a fellows VN with a head on it. Nice work dont ya think. His machine is a bit smaller than mine but I think that the head will do just fine.

    So what are all of you up to?
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    Is that a vertical slotter i see ? Would he by chance have a manual ? If not could you take some close ups of it for me. Thanks bob


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      Originally posted by timh
      Is that a vertical slotter i see ? Would he by chance have a manual ? If not could you take some close ups of it for me. Thanks bob
      Nope, there is not one shown there. But I have one.

      I have since cleaned it up and gave it a coat of paint. Works nice.
      Oh, I have a slaes flier for it. I could email it to you. Its a 70kb photo.
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      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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        I finished cleaning out my store this morning and locked the door on it for the last time. I'm going to take some time off. I might even get back in the shop.
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          I got to cleanup.
          Put a tranny in my forklift.
          Fix the roof on my woodshop.
          Put a new fence on my tablesaw.
          Haul off more scrap.
          Fix my Mini-mill,again,before tearing it apart for another mod.
          Finish building an RPC I started building 3 years ago.
          Fire up a bandsaw I rebuilt 3 years ago,but needed the afore mentioned RPC to power up.
          Pour more floor and put a building over it.

          ........shouldn't take more than a decade
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Darin you have been a great friend to me over the years just wanted you to know I have not forgotten your kindness to me hope you have a great new year and all the others here to Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              1. Make the gib for my lathe..still havent got it fixed close to a year of having the lathe.
              2. Figure out the VFD for lathe
              3. Got plans for the Tinker coming
              4. Figure out how to make a cool little cart to tow my son in behind my bike.


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                Well I am working on a set of casting that will look like this 3X5X4 steam engine.

                Also the first of Dec I started this smoker for our local Lions Club.

                Other than that I don't have any thing to do.
                Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                  Stuff into Things

                  I do the odd bit of leatherwork, mostly stuff for the bikes like saddlebags, toolbags etc., so the latest projects are some decent tools for the job.

                  Strap Cutter, I made the traditional blade from hardened gauge plate but it works better with surgical scalpel blades. There are some pics. of the construction here

                  Circle Cutter
                  All from the scrap box apart from the handle plates on the strap cutter which are Cocobolo left over from a woodturning job.
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                    well , i would like to make something like this ....

                    however in the mean time in the shop i have a bunch of machinery fixer uppers in progress, lots of organising to do, a couple of pain in the ass paying jobs to get out the way , electrical stuff toup grade lights to put in , set up all the foundry stufff........I dont need to work


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                      Finally got the Bridgeport boss 5 converted over to Mach3, Campbell breakout, Larken Cobra drives and rewound homemade 70V DC power supply.

                      This is the first placement of electronics, I have since moved things around in the old PC case and installed a fan for each driver.
                      This has revitalized the old mill. It’s quite amazing how 30lbs of new technology replaces 500lbs of old and is much easier to use.
                      Have a happy new-year all.


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                        Some projects for 2007

                        Abridged version of the edited short list:

                        Build 10 X 30 storage loft in shop.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Dissasemble, clean, and rebuild Rockwell ToolMaker grinder.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Partition off an area for grinding.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Build storage racks for lumber & other materials.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Install dust collection system.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Make something that I can sell to bring in some cash for the next item.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Acquire and install an affordable () CNC router suitable for cutting wood, wood products, plastics and nonferrous metals.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Put new roof on barn.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Build new garden tool shed.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Convert generator to propane.

                        Re-arrange shop.

                        Note that this is just my own little list, and that the boss hasn't given me hers yet. I've been hearing rumors about replacing air conditioners, installing a stained glass window in the dining room, fixing the driveway gate, bricking a walkway or two, planting some trees, etc., etc., etc.


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                          Thistle that would be a nice project and a lot of fun when it was afloat.
                          Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                            playin in the garage..gettin ready for snow...found a factory plow for my quadractor ( ) added a snow cab to my 1967 allis b12, fixin to add a blower to the rear..and the crawler in the garage..just got all new tranny seals..will install tranny tomorrow..then wire starting/generator system..then battery done..until i weld up a backhoe for it.
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                              Whaddyall mean, clean up, rearrange, clean up, rearrange- That's what I've been up to. I now have a hobby desk set up with an overhead light bar which is populated with those fluorescent screw-ins. This will be a test to see how well I can get along with only those lights on. Already I see a need to put a shroud around the bulbs so they don't shine directly into my eyes when I stand or look up. 4 shrouds will be easy to make from thin sheet al. That's my tonite project.

                              I've been working on setting up this desk/workbench which I'll use to work (play) on my model cars. I used to enjoy messing around with slot cars, and I'd like to ressurect that hobby. Of course it'll be a modern version of it- no more slots anyway. I have an attic space which I plan on converting into a track layout, and I have some ideas for the track which I'd like to try.

                              Been scrapping a lot of electronics this week- keeping good parts and tossing the bulk of it. Just got rid of 5 printers today. One had a very interesting laser optical system in it, where the laser beam reflects off a rotating six sided mirror, goes through a few corrective plastic lenses, off front surface mirrors, etc. Some of these printers have a steel rod which is coated with some kind of grit, presumable for good grip on paper. I wonder whiat this grit is- maybe carbide particles- gonna experiment with this.

                              Got some clear casting resin- gonna play with that in the next few days.

                              Happy new year!
                              I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-