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New catalog from Grizzly arrived.

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  • New catalog from Grizzly arrived.

    I just got my new 07 Grizzly catalog I see a couple new machines I like. They have a couple new Gunsmith lathes the small one G4003G has a 1 5/8" spindle bore. I like the idea of that if there is enough meat left on the spindle with that larger bore the big machine G0509G has a 2" bore. The smaller machine is in my price range though.

    I also like their new mills with the horizontal and vertical configuration. I wanted a machine like that when I bought my Wells Index but the only new import ones I could find did not have enough table travel for my likes but these new ones are good sized machines. I am talking about the G0615 & G0616.

    I sound like a salesman for Grizzly but believe me I am not I have never bought any of their equipment yet but I may have to drive the 3 hours North and check this stuff out. Anybody else see this stuff and like the looks?

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    I drove to the Springfield Mo. store a couple months ago. It's a 6 hour drive for me.. Spent over $500.. Going back sometime this spring to buy a new mill. Realy like the looks of the G0463 or may be the G1006.
    I got the new catalog today also. going to look it over tonight.
    Gary Davison
    Tarkio, Mo.


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      Got mine today too! Wow! Ditto on the ALL the new stuff. This catalog is nearly twice the thickness of previous catalogs. They seem to have added a lot of hardware and accessory items as well as expanding their machine offerings. I started making my list too.


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        Oh goodie a new grizzly catalog. Shure there will be lots of tempting stuff. I am sure they will be sending me one since I just dropped a few hundred there a few weeks ago.
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