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Drill Doctor and euthanasia. WARNING graphic pictures

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  • Drill Doctor and euthanasia. WARNING graphic pictures

    I finally got around to getting me the Drill Doctor. I got the 750X because they didn't have anything bigger. It seems to be doing a real number on my bits. How long does it take and how many pounds of old drill bits does it take to get the hang of this thing. I did determine my "cam" needed cleaned up to operate smoother as it had mold marks on it that telegraphed to the bit.

    I know a lot of you do them by hand and I can too but not nearly as accurate as an indexed device. To get both edges to cut instead of only the leading edge of two you really need some kind of "stop" such as found in the drill doctor.

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    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

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    I have one of them.

    Don't get me started...... I think the thing is pretty stupid. It worked well for a few bits, then it started to get "funny", and has not done well since.

    I followed the directions, I know the "sound", don't even try to tell me I don't know how to use it. I GOT good drills out of it...... but no more.

    It just isn't a precision device. A quick look at the point splitter will REALLY tell you that, it is 100% dependent on your "feel" to get it close to right.... of course mine leaves a nice squareish point on the end, with the "back-off" outside of that.....

    Even the regular sharpening part is not precision. Their "alignment jig" is a complete joke,,, a couple pieces of thin spring stock....

    Mine now does a reasonably "ok" job on anything thet is big enough for me to easily do by hand... Little stuff is totally inconsistent. Do the SAME THING TWICE, get one drill that is almost acceptable, then the next is sharpened with the relief BACKWARDS so it rides on the BACK of the point.....

    NAW, and they had the nerve to tell me mine was one of their best date code ranges.....

    Isn't THAT scary..... wouldn't they be all the same????

    Can't tell you not to waste your money, you already did.... sucked in just like me.......

    OOOOHHHH..... IT GETS WORSE.........

    You have the NEW AND IMPROVED one....... If THAT one STILL has the problems then it's bad....... They promised the new one would be SO MUCH BETTER.....

    Feh.... they are a bunch of schlemeils..... don't be a schlemazel.....
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      Wouldn't that thing work a lot better with, say, an ER collet holding the bit much more securely?

      Never mind I just read the rest of JT's post.


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        My experience has been the opposite of J Tiers. I have the old 750 and it does a real good job for me. It seems to grind very accurately and I've ground quite a few bits on it. If they are messed up real bad though, dress them up by hand on a bench grinder before taking them to the drill doctor to do the final touch up. Does it do as good as our big drill grinder at work, NO! But for me at home it does a better job on small bits than I can, and I grind tools at work all the time. Your mileage may vary.
        Jonathan P.


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          I have one of the older 750 models. I works great for what I need.

          I cant grind a bit by hand as fast or as precise as I can on the DD.

          I dont regrind anything under 1/16". Even a 1/16" bit is iffy. Cheap as those are better off just buying new ones.

          JTiers is right. Feel has a lot to do with it. The more you use it the more that feel gets better.

          A lite hand is gonna give better results than heavy handedness.

          I like mine..JRouche

          Oh, and the headgear used WILL make a difference. Try stainless wrap some time, you will be suprised by your results.
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            My 750 works OK ....but for large drills it takes an awful lot of turns
            John R


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              One thing I found out on mine was not to over tighten the chuck.

              Over tightening causes the fingers to twist, changing the way the drill is indexed.

              You can see it happen if you look down the drill and watch the fingers as you tighten it.


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                Hate the things,I do wish I had a drill grinder for very small bits 1/16"<.

                My nieghbor bought one of the 750's,his didn't look so good either until he figured out what he was doing wrong.I showed him how to do it freehand and his sits on the shelf now.
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  Ive been reading about them, thanks for bringing it up.

                  I gotta ask... is that an aluminum foil covered hat you are wearing in the pic ?
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                    Originally posted by Zuesdawg
                    I gotta ask... is that an aluminum foil covered hat you are wearing in the pic ?
                    Yes sir it is. I've gone over to the other side where the nation that has nutured and protected me for my entire life is concerned. As a nation we have no right to feel good about anything.

                    Thanks for the tips guys, I think I might have gotten enough help to straighten it out. They added an adjustment bolt to my model which now that I think about it, garuentees the indexing will be off if you change it. They say it exist to set the "depth" of cutting on the bit but maybe they didn't realize it also changes the alignment of the face of the bit to the wheel. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to align it without the springs. I was changing it on each bit to try to get the depth set right, which I believe was screwing up the alignment process.
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                    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                      Don't mean to hijack your thread YOD but has anyone used one of these? (the Harmony drill grinder)
                      I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                        Back in the '60's I bought a simple drill sharpener from Sears and made a complete system with base, motor, side face grinding wheel and the drill sharpener mounted on it. I have used it since and find it does a great job if you understand how it is supposed to work. It is a swing arm type sharpener. I still prefer to sharpen by hand with a headband magnifier, drill sharpening gauge and bench grinder.
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                          I guess I do not get the Aluminum hat reference....
                          CCBW, MAH


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                            Originally posted by spope14
                            I guess I do not get the Aluminum hat reference....
                            Then, don't go near a Drill Doctor

                            I have an industrial supply place a block from my shop.
                            They mentioned that it is generally not profitable to resharpen any drill under 1/4 in.
                            They sell drill bits and I'd rather buy the new ones than sharpen the old ones.
                            But then, I don't know how to sharpen drill bits.
                            I meekly admit that I bought a Drill Doctor 750X and have yet to use it.
                            I will probably try it out on some of my bits that are longer thab jobber length, as they are not that cheap to buy.


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                              Had a DD in the shop for years and never had any trouble with it as long as directions were followed. Mostly got it because I had a hard time seeing the smaller sizes. I can still sharpen the larger sizes by hand faster than a sharpener can do it.