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Your experiences with an ENCO Vert Mill??

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  • Your experiences with an ENCO Vert Mill??

    Hi gang, now that ENCO has put their vertical mills on sale with free shipping, I am considering buying one. I have been looking for a decent BP locally, but they are usually pretty tired... I would sincerely like to hear of your experiences if you have an ENCO vertical mill. Thanks a bunch!

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    the first enco mill i used was a 12 year old belt drive. it worked good and i made good parts on it. that was in a shop i worked for. they are still using it.
    i bought a new enco about 10 years ago for my shop. got power feed dro and the vari. speed model. i have not had one bit of trouble with it. also enco mills have box ways on the y axias. which means you can work at one end or the other and the table will move just as easy as it were in the middle.


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      Enco MIll

      I just received my new 9x49 Enco mill - free shipping. I have not used it but do have it leveled and squared. I used a Jet 9x42 for the last 10 years but wanted a new one. What I know so far I am pleased with it. I might add that they called and told me when it would be here. The driver got sick and was 6 hours late - they called at the first delivery time to tell me. She has called back since to make sure I got it and all was ok. Said she call back in 30 day just to check on it. I'm not use to that type service.
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        I have the 2/3 scale enco works really well I have always liked it better than the bridgeport brand I use at work, most of the bridgeports we got new at work wound up with the tables seizeing up possible from crap in the oil passages.


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          Enco Mill

          I bought a used 25 year old Enco mill a few years back for $250.00 and it was by far the best $250.00 I ever spent. It's just a basic mill-drill but works great and easy to tram. It's been through hell and back, moved it all over the USA ( I'm a bit of a nomad ) and it still works great. When I finally buy a place and can bolt down my tools I'll probably buy another Enco. More than likely a kee mill, but still will be from them. Their customer service is excellent.
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