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OT: Winblows Me compatability???

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  • OT: Winblows Me compatability???

    I bought the new version of Ms streets&trips today since the Hindus at Dell can't figureout why the Dell installed version now refuses to work.I assumed that it would run on everything back to Win98,wrong.

    First thing I get is"This version is not compatible with Win 95,98 and Me.So,now that I have this probably non-refundable software what do I do?See if it will install anyway,or "upgrade" to XP?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Hmm. You are out of luck unless you go with XP.

    Your comments remind me of an incident that happened here some time ago.

    One of the local sports teams here was made up of a large proportion of people of East Indian descent. We have a very large number of East Indian immigrants in this town. These team members were on a Greyhound bus travelling to a nearby town to play. Just before the bus left a last passenger boarded and noticed the large number of East Indian ethinicity people on board.

    He was heard to mutter loudly under his breath "Fukin Hindus..."

    To his total consternation the sports team broke out as one in a cheer with comments of "RIGHT ON MAN!!!" and similar.

    You see, the East Indians in this area aren't Hindus, they are almost entirely Punjabi.
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