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Atlas 9 inch Rehabilitation

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  • Atlas 9 inch Rehabilitation

    Hello again. I've mentioned I am rehabilitating a 9" Atlas/Metalmaster lathe given to me by a neighbor. Has anyone rebuilt one of these? As a "first-timer", I'd sure appreciate any and all advice.

    I removed the countershaft assembly and extracted the gears without damage. They, and the passageways thru the spindle were almost clogged with hardened grease: all currently are soaking in kerosene. I found someone selling replacement end caps for the countershaft with zerk fittings on ebay . . . thought they would make lubrication easier in the future.

    I noticed a fibrous material permanently attached to several metal surfaces riding the shaft in the "pulley bundle", and see it also in the parts blowup photo. Anyone know what this surface is for, and if it requires any special treatment?

    Any recommendations on how to clean/lubricate the 3 jaw chuck? Still trying to get it off the spindle. When I do, would there be any problem putting antisieze on the threads to make it easier next time? Should I lubricate the chuck with oil? Should I disassemble it? The jaws look fine.

    I'm hoping the get the automatic feed mechanism working. The main bevel gear that connects to the feed screw was worn and broken, so I emailed
    Clausing . . . hope to hear back from them with some good news r/e availability. The other two bevel gears and shaft look sound enough.

    I receive the machine with only 3 change gears (well, it was
    free . . .). I don't think it's likely I'll wish to cut threads, but I would
    like to have the auto feed capability. Could someone suggest which
    gears I should look for to just do that? Do you know if the 6" and 9" Atlas lathe gears are interchangeable. I see lots of 6" stuff on ebay but not the 9". They both seem to have a 3/4" center hole size anyway.

    Thanks alot! It's reassuring to have someone "looking over my shoulder"!


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    The 6 inch gears are 1/2 inch bore, the 10 inch gears will fit, but newer ones need to be modified ( 10 inch change gears show up once in a while.



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      Bore sizes aside, the 6" gears are 24DP, the 9", 10" & 12" gears are 16DP.
      Jim H.


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        The 9 is a little harder to find bits for, take your time and be patient. As far as Clausing is concerned, call them on the phone. When I rebuilt my old 10"
        (1947) I never received any return emails, so I just called the number provided on their website and they were very helpful. I don't know how much they will be able to help on a 9" though. Have you checked the Atlas Yahoo Group? Also a great bunch of fellow Atlas owners with lots of helpfull advice and LOTS of opinions.
        grumpy old fart


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          I have the piece(s) you need from a 10" I am parting out. email me.

          Did you find the tailstock?

          Is that pic you posted from the manual I sent you?
          Looks a lot better!

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            The bore size on the bevel gear may differ as the 9" lathe has a 5/8" leadscrew and the 10" leadscrew is 3/4".
            Jim H.


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              Good point.

              I wonder what the chances are of finding the 5/8" bore gear?
              Might be able to sleeve it down with 1/16" wall tubing pretty easily.

              At any rate, I have 10" change gears. Not a full set, though.