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Making a custom carriage stop

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  • Making a custom carriage stop

    I’m getting ready to make a custom Carriage stop for my lathe (pictured below), and I’m debating what to make it out of. I have been bouncing between class 40 iron, 6061-T6, and 7075-T6. The ways are induction hardened, so I don’t have to worry about damaging them, unless I use something really hard. I will be using a milling attachment, so no matter what I chose; I will be taking small cuts.

    If it was up to use, what material would you use?

    -Dan S.

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    I surely would not disparage your design, but I would beg a question if I may.

    Rather than what appears to be a setscrew type retainer for the indicator, why not a horizontal slit with a vertical screw for a clamp.

    It seems it less clamping force for a larger area (over the body) as opposed to a point pressure clamp from the setscrew.

    Just curious. It's a real pretty drawing, easily understood.


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      Does it have to be metal would hardened nylon work?? if not even mild steel would not harm the ways.Try incorporating a micrometer into it perhaps for extra fine adjustment.Alistair
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        I made a "micrometer" stop a couple of moths ago from 1018 CRS. (only thing I had as I started it on a Sunday) Used a piece of 1/2 -20 all thread rod for the spindle, made the dial from 1018 also. Its only off .001 over 1 revolution (.050) of the dial. Not bad for CRS and threaded rod. I use an old set of gage blocks with it most of the time so the micrometer function is not that important. 1018 CRS steel will work fine.


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          Nice drawing. One feature I like about the one on my south bend is the positioning set screw on top. It is mostly clamped on by a nut and stud on the botom . but the srew on the top allows it to be easily moved. As for material what is available in your stock bin.
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            Mine was made very similar to the one picutured, but with pinch slot. It is 6061-t6 and works rather well, but has no micrometer built in.
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              Just made a similar gadget to clamp on a home/limit switch for my lathe CNC conversion:

              You could do a split clamp like Dirt Dobber suggests. Mine won't be moving much, so I just wanted it quick and easy. It was and works great. For this application, I am clamping to the rear, so it's rectangular back there. A split clamp would work better if you're on the prismatic ways.



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                Aluminum should be fine. I see no reason to use 7075 though.

                This one can use a stop rod, an indicator, or a depth micrometer as a stop:

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                  Joel's looks almost identical to mine in design, right down to the pin to alight the cantilever clamp. Only diff is mine is locked from the top and uses the split/clamp retention for indicator/rod.
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                    I initially considered the slit method, but once I got everything laid out, it didn’t feel like I had enough meat. I’m hoping a soft brass tipped set screw, will have enough clamping pressure to hold the indicator in place with out damaging it. The sliding stop will be a 3/8” HSS reamer blank, so I can torque down on that with no problem.


                    I don’t have any stock large enough (2.5” x 1.25” x 1.575” finished), so I need to pick some up, and if you surf EBay, you can get 7075 for almost the same price as 6061. When I did a quick cost comparison cast iron was the cheapest, then 7075, and then 6061, when I considered delivery costs.
                    -Dan S.


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                      I posted this one I did a while back on the "other board". It clamps using a retractable eccentric pin. A quick twist of the knob will lock it and if you pull the knob the whole thing can be lifted away.

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                        I've posted this somewhere before, maybe here...... just another variety for more idea jogging


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                          Done the deed

                          Originally posted by daryl bane
                          I posted this one I did a while back on the "other board". It clamps using a retractable eccentric pin. A quick twist of the knob will lock it and if you pull the knob the whole thing can be lifted away.

                          That’s a real work of art, is that painted, or blackened steel?

                          I did the deed, and picked up a chunk of 7075 big enough to make 3 or 4 stops (EBay). Hopefully I won't mess up on the first one, so I can use the leftover stock for future projects.
                          -Dan S.


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                            Actually, hard black anodizing. Since it is a dial indicator holder and not really a hard stop, aluminum works just fine.


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                              For a micrometer stop, buy a cheap micrometer at HF for under $5. You can cut the curved part off and turn the barrel OD to fit your bracket.
                              I like J Tiers idea of making the DI and Mic interchangeable