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  • OT: Hawaii vacation

    SWMBO is talking very seriously about spending a week somewhere
    like Hawaii. February or March...Never been there, anyone have any input on where to stay, what to do? To give it a bit of list relevance pointers to something machining related to see there would be much appreciated.

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    Easy question to answer.

    Also check out here:

    They offer tours of the base facility and the telescopes including the shops.

    Note that the last link is very dialup unfriendly.
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      Big Island, Kona Village. I really like the King Kamehameha hotel as it's right on Ali`i Way and in the heart of the village. It's a nice drive to the Kilauea volcano park, Honauau and Kealakekua (Captain Cook was killed there) are right down the Kona coast on the way. North are the resorts with golf (bleh!) and the airport. A bit further north around the west side of Kohala Mountain and you are at Pololu and the end of the road.

      Go up and over the mountains to the paniolo town of Waimea where Mexican cowboys introduced the guitar to Hawaiians. North and easterly will take you to Waipi`o valley. Rent a jeep and drive down there - it's the most natural place left in all of Hawaii. Keep going east to Hilo, and stop at Akaka Falls - a short hike, then, if you have that Jeep, return over the Saddle Road. Or keep going south.

      The south east part of the island is the Puna district and is somewhat trashy in places, but has some excellent scenery and the road winds right down to the water, literally near Cape Kumukahi. The road turns west but is blocked by lava flows and you have to loop back at Kaimu.

      The return road takes you to a junction at Mountain View and turning west will take you to the volcano. Eleven miles west of the volcano park is an area known as 'The Big Crack', and it's a place where a very large part of the island is sliding into the sea - a huge crack in the earth has opened up there. Lava flows from the late 1800's look as fresh as if they were laid down last week. Hiking out into the area is a lot of fun and the lava swirls and braids are spectacular. Strands of Pele's hair can be found - it is spun glass from wind blowing across dripping lava as it hardens - it collects in the odd depression or crack. Lava molds are abundant - they were left by trees surrounded by lava. Coconut molds are also found. Bring water!

      Continuing west past Pahala and Na`alehu you come to the road to South Point - take it! It's the southern most place in the United States.

      On the way back up the west coast is the old fishing village of Miloli`i. Not much tourist interest aside from the starkness of the place and the fact that it survived a lot of eruptions when Mauna Loa erupts along the south west rift. Watch for wild turkeys!

      North of there is Kona Coffee country and there are coffee farms all over the place that you can visit. Well worth the stops.

      All along the way there are cultural sites that should be visited. Many are in poor repair and have suffered from vandalism.

      As long as this response is, it barely touches on things to see and do on the Big Island. My favorite transportation is a rented Harley available right across the street from the King Kam hotel

      Get your self mentally prepared by visiting and listen to the Hawaiian music. It's streamed from one of my servers here in Washington State but the DJ, Rabb, lives and performs in Kailua on Oahu.


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        Maui, go about once a year for the last sixteen years since I got outta the service. While in the service I was at pearl.

        I used to love oahu but I will not go back to that island.

        Had a time share on Kauai but sold it after a few years of non-use. Nice island though.

        The big island is too big and too dry for me.

        I'll be back to Maui next year, I love it...JRouche
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          Have to agree about O`ahu - not for me. If it wasn't for the airport I'd never go there. I did live there for several years in the '50s and is where I learned to love Hawaii, but now it's just too big and very touron centric. My favorite island is Moloka`i but I won't go into why or it will be spoilt - stay away!

          Maui to me is somewhat limited - my wife likes it a lot but it just doesn't do it for me. The road to Hana is torturous, and while most of the really great scenery is in that area, that is not where the really great facilities are. Haleakala is drop dead stunning, to be sure. Kehei, the isthmus, and Lahaina are pretty much it for civilized living.

          On the other hand, if you like hanging with Carlos Santana then Hana can be pretty cool. Strange enough, that is where in the world Charles Lindberg chose to be buried. That particular area is especially nice once you get past the drive.

          And they have the best slack key festival on Maui so if for no other reason than that it is worth going to.


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            Maui is my choice.

            Get a direct flight to Maui if possible, saves time waiting for inter-island shuttles. We like the Kihei area better than any of the other places we've stayed. Stay away from the traditional tourist places (unless you like to sit in bars and drink).

            Lots to do on Maui. A couple of my favorite day excursions are taking the back road to Hana (not the winding tourist filled hiway) and the road around the top of the island (not after dark though). These drives give you a look at parts of the island not loaded with tourists.

            Really nice beaches in the Kihei area too.


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              What to do?

              Evans suggestions are neat great oportunity. I took a TDY trip to Hickam AFB/ Wheeler field about 15 years ago. A buddy was stationed across the Island.IMHO must dos are snorkel in Hanama Bay it is a state park make sure you visit the toilet bowl while there. Also a visit to Pearl harbor and the Arizona memorial.
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                It's Not as Much Fun Now

                My sister was in the air Force, at Hickam, while the movie Tora Tora Tora was being filmed. She said is was a bit unsettling at times to be walking outdoors and hear and see all these WW2 fighters flying around, sometimes coming at you, and she could see the flashes from the "guns."


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                  Hawaii vacation....

                  If you want a quiet Hawaian vacation, go to the island of Molakai..very quiet...
                  Long barrier reef about 6 ft deep for us landlubbers to learn to snorkle in.
                  great people.. grreat B&B's there..very little comericalization.

                  Be sure to take in the submarine museum next to Arizona Memorial.. and the a
                  Arizona is a MUST!!!! very moving..go to the free natl' park trip...well worth the wait!!!!!


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                    Originally posted by wheatland47
                    If you want a quiet Hawaian vacation, go to the island of Molakai..very quiet...
                    Shhhhh! This will be our little secret! It also has the oldest Hawaiian macadamia nut farm, and is the island where the Hula was first practiced. Not another word. Especially about having the world's longest white sand beach. Or that Zach Helm's band plays every night in downtown Kaunakakai. His daughter Raiatea (Google!) is a beautiful singer, hula dancer, and ukulele player! His brother George died in a canoe between O`ahu and Moloka`i years ago in a protest against the practice by the US military of bombing the little island of Kaho'olawe. Lots of history and cultural origination comes from 'the friendly island'. And King David Kalakawa (Kawika) created the leper colony on Moloka`i to stop the spread of that horrific disease that Hawaiians were especially vulnerable to. Oh lordy so much history. Don't mention the travels of Isabella Bird or her writings of 'Owyhee' found here: Keep it just between us.


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                      Thanks for all the good tips...I have forwarded them to upper management for a decision


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                        OT:Hawaii vacation

                        For those of us that are new, what does SWMBO mean?


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                          I had to have that explained to me too! She Who Must Be Obeyed.



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                            My vote is for the Big Island. My wife was born and raised on the islands. Her dad is currently the VP of cattle managememnt at Parker Ranch in Waimea. The big island really offers it all. Volcanos, tourist stops in Kona, paniolos in waimea and beautiful scenery all over. The quaint little town of Hilo! Beautifull waterfalls like Akaka falls!! This island seems to have it all! I suggest everyone head there at least twice!