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    Originally posted by BillH
    I wouldn't worry about Brazil quality, look at Imbel, they make some very nice firearms.
    And I wouldn't worry as much about Brazilian product under Japanese QC as opposed to Asian product under bean counting US QC.

    There is a trend in consumer products as well that pi$$e$ me off completely. More and more products from the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. are "Marketed by <company xyz>" and NO indication of country of origin. THAT is a big problem for the American consumer but unfortunately, about 90% don't realize it at all.


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      Originally posted by YankeeMetallic
      I wonder if the Japanese Mitutoyo Fans cringed like this when some of the Mitutoyo "V" blocks started coming out of Brazil?
      I ordered a pair of Mitutoyo V Blocks off of E-Bay last year. When I got them they were stamped "Mitutoyo Made in Brazil". I thought WTF!? Although they were excellent quality.
      I bought a 1" Mitutoyo mic....brand new in 1975. Was made in Brazil. It's stood up well in all those years.
      I have tools I don't even know I own...