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OT:Misplaced destop image.

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  • OT:Misplaced destop image.

    While the computer gurus are here I would like to know of there is a simple remedy for the misplaced(way off to the right and down) on the protege 7010 laptop screen of a computer I assembled from 7010 parts.On an external monitor the image is correct.Changing the display settings doesn't help and there are no screen settings that move the image like there were on the old TVs.

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    It's a Portege 7010CT I presume (not Protege). I am guessing you are using Win98 SE. If so try the video driver available here:
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      Video driver

      Thanks for the help Evan-I had tried this before but now that I think about it(I used the computer for quite a while with the external monitor) I did use parts from a 7010 CT and 7020 CT so maybe the driver I tried is the wrong one.Will try again after we get a snow damaged building replaced.Want the laptop because of space problems for a 2nd computer.