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  • OT- Question for you Ebay sellers

    I am selling something on ebay that is rather expensive, $1850.00

    I have someone who wants it but wants to pay with paypal only. Once paid, I am to ship the item to Japan (not unusual at all for this type of item)

    I dont take paypal and I am concerned that if I did set up with paypal, the can screw me out of the deal once I ship by filing a complaint or such.

    The buyer has a good history, 18 transactions with a perfect history dating back to 2001

    Should I accept paypal with minimal worry?

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    Originally posted by cuemaker
    The buyer has a good history, 18 transactions with a perfect history dating back to 2001
    Not enough info. Were transactions as buyer or seller, and what were they exactly and how much money involved ? Someone who has perfect feedback but every transaction was as buyer of a $10 Beenie Baby would be meaningless, for example.


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      The only item that I could view was something that was just over $100 I believe and never a seller

      I tried reading the paypal rules regarding disputes and they seem vague.

      Am I right to be concerned about them disputing through paypal and paypal trying to take the money back?


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        Watch Your Step!

        I concur with Don. (Oh, there's a first. )
        If you're not willing to ship outside the US or take bids from outside the US, you should use the options available in your Ebay and Paypal accounts. It will stop a bid from occurring from Non-US buyers. You should also state in your listing that you will ship to confirmed addresses only. (In some countries, this is not available and you take your chances.)

        If the auction is still going on, I'd cancel the bid. You can specify that the buyer's ID could not be verified.

        And for gosh sakes, don't let the buyer dictate your policies!


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          Originally posted by cuemaker
          Am I right to be concerned about them disputing through paypal and paypal trying to take the money back?
          Yes! Or they can skip Paypal dispute resolution steps and dispute a credit card charge directly with their credit card company. This will most likely leave you out in the cold as Paypal will try to recoupe the charge from you.


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            Isn't there some way to have payment "locked in" prior to shipment?

            What about a 3rd party escrow? I know there are fees associated with that, but can that work?

            FWIW, I just sold an item for my stepdad. Sold for $399, but after eBay and paypal fees, the total input was $367. Something to consider. Depending on the final sale price, the combined fees can run 9-10%. Yeesh.

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              This depends... how would item be shipped? As long as you have proof that the item was shipped PP would have a hard time taking money from your account. If your really worried... just set up a one time bank account so that as soon as the money hits it take the money and close the account out. As they say can't get blood from a stone. You could always suggest a wire transfer and see what they say to that.
              Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                If I were facing this, I might create a bank account just to tie Paypal to it. Do the deal, and as soon as the cash is there, strip it. If things go well, works just fine and you can now take PayPal in the future through that account. If something goes wrong and the seller tries to take advantage of you, PayPal has nothing they can touch. I have a friend who sells lots of stuff on ebay and this is pretty close to what he does, though he has not yet had a problem. He tells me that every time his PP account gets between $500 and $1000, he does an online transfer to his main account. If he needs to use it to buy (very rare, he does the reverse to cover the transaction, all without leaving his desk.
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                  Cant you just accept paypal and wait a week till the moneys in your account before releasing it just remember paypal will charge you quite a lot for this ammount I think I would accept and wait tell him you want a week til the moneys in your account if he backs off you don't wat to deal with him anyway.Alistair
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                    I have been contemplating setting a small e-commerce site using a pay pal shopping cart and the advice that I was given was exactly what BadDog said. I've already set up the second checking account just for this purpose and plan many frequent transfers to the main account.


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                      I have sold hundreds of items on ebay and have a paypal account. I have also shipped items all over the world and I will only complete international transactions with paypal. Paypal is my preferred method of receiving payment. I have never had a problem with anyone trying to stop payment. Ebay owns paypal and it is in their best interest that people don't get screwed using it. I would just ship the item in a way that you have proof they received it. I offer a money back guarantee if a person is not happy with an item, they just have to pay for return shipping with delivery confirmation and tracking. This will weed out most scammers because they can't use being stuck with an item as an excuse. I have never had anyone return an item in over 300 transactions. The percentage of each transaction I pay ebay and paypal is the cost of having a way to market my items to the world and receive payment for those items. I own a Hallmark store and for what I pay in employee's wages, rent, utilities, advertising, credit card fees, theft, and maintenance, ebay and paypal are a pretty good deal.
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                        Also...If you want to be protected you must ship to the registered address of the person sending you the money via paypal.

                        Keeps stolen accounts from being used by "third parties".

                        For real expensive items I wait until the cash clears paypal and I have it in my hand then I ship..JRouche
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                          I have stopped paying or receiving with PayPal. I know only use US Postal Money orders as it's illegal (in this country) to use the US Mail for fraudulent purpose. So, both parties are protected.

                          I would walk away from this deal if I were you. As I hear it, all he has to do is complain to paypal and they withdraw the money from your account without haveing any idea if you ever got your item shipped back to you. He gets his money back AND your item. I wouldn't go there if I were you.
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                            I do appreciate all the advice.

                            What about doing as someone suggested. Open a bank account specifically for Paypal, get the funds in, with draw the the funds and then ship?

                            I may loose my good ebay name if the try to dispute and there are no funds for paypal to take, but I dont care since it would be the only thing I have ever sold


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                              If I was you, I'd read Mark Hockett's advice and do that. I also sell a lot of items on ebay and PREFER Paypal. I had one incident in which someone got my Paypal debit card number and charged items against it. I notified Paypal, they stopped my account and issued a new one immediately, froze the bad charges and refunded them to me immediately. Where are you going to get service like that with a money order or anything else?
                              If you are nervous about using it, get a checking account especially for Paypal ( start with the minumum amount) and link that to paypal. I have a credit card and an account, but I'm also verified, which I suggest you do, too.

                              I think the idea of only dealing with "verified" addresses is a bad idea. Almost all of the 300+ customers I've sold to so far have not been verified and if i were to not sell to them, I never would have made those sales. I will say that I am very cautious about people with low feedback.

                              Ebay and Paypal are microcosm's of society at large; Of course there are bad apples. But look at life: Do you go around not trusting everybody? If you do then ebay is not for you? People don't sometimes realize that a person who buys from you sends you the money sight unseen; there's a lot of trust involved in that.
                              A final note about accepting money orders, because you're "protected from fraud". If you're thinking the Post office is going to rush to your aid, if somebody doesn't send you something you've paid for, well... you're better off with Paypal.