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  • Rustlick WS-11

    Hey anyone know anything about this stuff? It's a water soluble cutting oil with sulfurized lard oil.

    Is it any good? (as a general purpose cutting/cooling fluid) What ratio of water oil do you guys use and do you mix it with distilled or plain ol' tap water?


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    Never used this particular brand, but I will say this about sulfur/lard oils. They are very effective, however they STINK to high heaven (and it's a stink that will last years), and they can stain iron. They smoke more than an Englishman. Also, they are not safe for all metals.

    I have pants from 10 years ago that still smell like the old sulfur cutting oil of yesteryear.


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      Well i bought a gallon - which should last me a decade or so since i can dilute it with up to 40 parts water...

      I did a 20:1 ratio for the first batch - just one quart. Seems to work great! It keeps everything cool, even while face milling which generally throws blue chips (not sure if thats whats supposed to happen, but any slower rpm and i dont get a good finish...) but with the fluid it doesnt turn blue, i get a great finish etc

      I cant believe i've done so long with out it

      It leaves a nice, thin but oily residue behind after the water steams off which protects it from rust if you have to leave a part half finished or etc and it lubricates all the cutting tools.

      I'm sure you all already know the wonders of water soluble cutting fluids, but i was so thrilled i had to rave about it


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        All I can tell you guys, is if you want some good stuff, buy Blaser/Swisslube. I don't know anybody who sells it "retail", but it's far and away the best Water Sol oil I've ever dealt with.

        A word of advice: Don't dilute it too far down, despite what they say you can do - I have noticed that if you go much below 10%, it dramatically cuts tool life.

        Industrial hobbies has a real neat idea for dealing with the smell - add a airstone and airpump to it(aquarium supplies), and run it a coupla hours a day(put it on a timer). Since the nasty stinky bacteria is ANaerobic, oxygenating the fluid will keep them down to a minimum.

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