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  • OT - Need computer help

    I need help with installing Windows Office on a new (to me, its used) computer. The computer was used in my
    Son-in-Laws company, it is a Dell Latitude D610, has 1 Meg ram, 40 gig HD, builtin WiFi, ect. It had windows
    Office 2003 installed when it came from Dell, but was never activated. And SIL can't find the 25 digit number
    required to activate this version of Office.

    I contacted Dell over the Internet, and was told that they couldn't do anything to help me. Gave me a url for
    Microsoft, looked there and a FAQ there said for a problem like mine to contact the computer manufacturer.

    I bought a Office set from the Navy Exchange, its like a student version and only had Outlook, Word, Excell and
    Powerpoint. I would have liked to have Access, but it is not in this version.

    Now I come to the point of my question, What should I do next? I would like to get the version on the machine
    working, since it has Access, but don't know where to go from here.

    If I am going to install the Military version I bought, how will I delete the version on the machine? Use Remove
    Programs in the Start > Settings > location? will it delete everything needed, including the Acess files?

    I could use some help here, guys. I am too old to be very good with computers.


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    You have four choices,
    Get microsoft to help (Yeah, Right!).
    Get manufacturer to help, see above.
    Buy the full version (although the product you own has the right to run it)
    Visit a computer fair and buy a legitimate version for a dollar
    No wonder Bill is so rich!


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      I'm not familiar with access, but is a free "office" type program without the Microsh*t hassles.


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        The bads news is:

        Open office doesn't have any equivalent to Access, which is a database system. Access is only included in Office Pro which is very expensive. Without the Product Key you are out of luck for making the currently installed copy work.

        You can remove it from add/remove programs and install the student version but you won't have Access.

        The good news is:

        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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          Is it just me? Seeing all these old post popping up?

          More importantly, how many aren't going to page two of the list to look for new post? I normally keep currant with the board and never have to look beyond page 1, but with all this floatsom popping up on page one is it pushing currant post to pages 2 and 3?
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            I wonder if this would help you? It's freeware.


            ProduKey v1.06 - Recover lost product key (CD-Key) of Windows/MS-Office/SQL Server
            Copyright (c) 2005 - 2006 Nir Sofer


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              I tried that freeware you posted, but it did not find the key for the Office currently installed, probably because it has never been entered into the computer.

              Looks like I will have to give up and just delete the old and install the new, I will wait and see if anyone else has a good suggestion.