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    I Bought A Head Stock Off A Hardinge “dsm A “ Lathe. I Am Thinking Of Adapting The Vari-grip Collet Closer To My 11” Rockwell Lathe. But I Can’t Even Figure Out How To Get The Collet Out. On The Left End Of The Closer There Is A Nut With Two Holes For A Spanner Wrench , Which Turns Off Easily. Dose Any One Know The Proper Way To Take The Collet Out And To Take The Pneumatic Closer Off From The Spindle? Richard

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    Can't answer any of your questions, but you may want to give the idea of using that closer a second thought.

    Those Vari-grip type closers don't have any seals in them. It's just metal to metal with clearance. By design they leak air, and a bunch of it at that, especially as they get old. Who knows why they did that?

    Do you have a large compressor?