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  • Engine hoist warning...

    I have one of these. Mine failed when it was brand new also but in a different manner. I had my mill/drill about 30" off the floor when the hydraulic cylinder took a dump and the whole thing came roaring down at light speed. Was lucky though. Something caught in the cylinder and it stopped just shy of the floor. Still bounced the mill off the concrete a pretty good whack though.
    Took the "new" cylinder apart. The bottom of it was full of black rubber bits. One was a pretty good size and looked like it'd got stuck somewhere where it shouldn't have been. It had a groove pressed into it. I'm assuming that the chunk got stuck and blew out under pressure to cause the lift to drop.
    I cleaned it out, checked everything else and it has worked fine since but this other thread adds a whole new dimension
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    The same link was posted on PM, and recently brought to life again there;

    It is a pretty good indication of the quality to be expected from the Chicom tools and the materials and methods of construction. This is why they should be inspected closely before being put into use, especially when life & limb are at risk.
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      Wow that brought back memories. I did that when I used mine (not red) gray from a shop called the tool shed, I have used the hoist a zillion times I even used it to unload my lathe and mill both were pushing its capacity and all went well. Then I had to ship my lathe back and had to build a crate to ship it in as I threw the orig crate away.
      Of course I build stuff to last and without thinking my crate weighed a couple hundred pounds more than the one it came in. My hoist was at max. with the lathe and factory crate but by putting a couple hundred pounds more than max. lift well lets say I did some metal work. The cyl. held but the top arm bent like yours and rendered it defunct. I did put it in the 20 ton press and get it all but straight again and then welded a steel strap to the top to add strength and proceeded to pull a SBF and tranny combo all together out of the drag car and it worked but mother luck is not really with me so I broke down and bought a new one. Should start a hoist grave yard.
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        At work we have sold a lot of those hoists.There is a huge difference between mfg's.

        The best units have 1/4" thick wall tubes,lesser ones 3/16" and the absolute crap models 10ga. Expect 10 ga. from HF,Homier and Cummins.

        They will also take a 1200# hoist and label it 2-1/2ton.

        We get the better units,they retail for around $250,have a 12ton ram and 1/4" tubes.The only trouble we have ever had with any of those were some casters,but I think those failed after being driven over cracks in the shop floor with a load on at a high rate of speed.

        Another craptacular product they make are engine stands.I have seen single leg stands that used 2x2x11ga tube for the single leg(the one supporting the whole load)they wilt under a SBC.

        You just have to ask yourself-

        How can they make this "2-1/2 ton" cherry picker,ship it here,the importer and retailer make money and pay the shipping for $159?


        Just how good can that $29 engine stand be?
        I just need one more tool,just one!