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  • Cooey?

    Yeah my Buddys son brought a cooey.22 into my shop today. I just made his dad some nice stainless mud flap covers for xmas and he picked em up. Went to pay me and it was merry xmas. His son asked me to mill dovetails onto the old cooeey .22. Question is where do i get hold of a cutter dovetail (hopefully darn cheap ) so it dont cost me too much and get this done so the kid can have his .22 back. ? Also any tips on firearm cooey scope mounting? Looks like a really cheap scope mount dovetail type? Signed Mike (who dont know much bout Cooeys But i know a bit bout cooties .)

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      Most .22's have a special longitidnual(sp?) groove cut into them for scope mountings, Brownells will probably have the specs and a cutter for it. Just from memory, it is cut with a sharp 60* cutter, and a precise distance apart. Be sure you have it centered and vertical.


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        Geesh....I thought sure this thread was going to be about that creepy child molester that was in the news again recently because some nutcase judge threw out his confession.....I think that Cooey was his name.

        In answer to the question...if he is dead set on dovetails,this may not be an option, but otherwise, I would work on making a custom Weaver style base for cutting up the receiver. Likely it is not forged, but it could be very hard.

        Paul Carpenter
        Mapleton, IL


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 that it's mentioned...I drilled and tapped a "Cooley" (what a transplanted guy from WV used to call them) .22 for my son years ago. Put standard Weaver blocks on it and used a 7/8" Lyman scope. My son has the .22 up in Edmonton now or I'd show you.
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