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Evan: What is the name of the super slippery stuf you told us about a while back.

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    It is perfectly safe for painted surfaces. In fact, it basically inert. Just don't try to paint over it.

    It does have one important use I didn't mention:

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      Originally posted by Evan

      If it ever gets on a surface you will never be able to paint it successfully.

      sounds like armor-all might have some of that stuff in it, I know if you get that stuff on paint its tuff to paint over it...

      ohh yeah, i prefer all natural ;>}


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        Hmmm. Now if those puppies were filled with silly putty, you could mold them to any shape you wanted. Maybe you could do away with that 'containment' sling. Still dangerous though- someone could lose an eye.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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          It is available in a thickened form as Dow Corning "high vacuum silicon grease."
          This ultra pure thick form tends to stay where you put it.

          Great stuff. It is almost totally inert.
          It is useful from -40F to +400F.

          There is a variant form available as Dow Corning compound 111 valve lubricant and sealant.

          Evan is correct about not being able to paint a surface that it gets on.
          I have never found any sovent that will totally remove the stuff.


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            Hey YOD - Did you mean 'put it on the bedroom door handle to keep the kids out' ?
            What you say & what people hear is not always the same thing.


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              Evan- slippery stuff

              On the other channel, they/we have been prattling about linseed oil.

              Dare I tell them that to stop a boil over- silicone fluid was put in the kettle?



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                I wipe down my kids sliding board with the stuff. Just a tiny bit on a paper towel and it's off to the races!


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                  This has turned out to be an extremely interesting thread for me, to say the least.

                  Last night when I was rummaging around my server files looking for the pic of the inflated mammaries a small niggling sensation developed in my frontal lobes (I mean brain ).

                  Anyway, I did some research. Silicone gel was used for a long time to fill breast implants and as most are aware a great deal of controversy surrounds the possible safety of introducing this material into the body, enough so that it cost Dow Corning a great deal of money.

                  It is very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff on this issue as there are a lot of people out there with an agenda.

                  What I did find is of great personal interest to me and very relevant. The FDA financed a study that concluded in 2001. In a nutshell, it found that women with leaking breast implants filled with silicone oil had a ~ 3 times higher rate of fibromyalgia. There seems to be a very statistically significant correlation between long term exposure to leaking implants and fibromyalgia, but only implants filled with silicone gel, not saline.

                  I have fibromyalgia, an invisible and disabling condition that is very uncommon in men. I was exposed to silicone oil on a daily basis for 23 years. My hands would sometimes be drenched in the stuff and without doubt some of it made it into my body on food etc because it is so difficult to clean off. The first symptoms of fibromyalgia began to show up in the mid '80s when I had been employed by Xerox for some ten years already. Back then fibromyalgia was not an accepted diagnosis and my doctors had no idea what the problem was.

                  Now the question is, what do I do with this information?
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                    Now the question is, what do I do with this information?[/QUOTE]

                    start finding out who else, that was doing the same thing , has a problem .


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                      You never know Evan, it could be the contributing factor --- Im told that a Dermatoligist looks at skin a little defferently than most folk, lots of us see it as a barrier but they tend to see it as a "sponge" Our skin is our largest organ and when coated with a substance the substance generally goes systemic... I think your on to something, I also know that candida is somewhat linked to fibromyalgia and if its intestinal there is another area of vast surface area to consider, One thing for sure - silicone is not harmless to the body, there is to much evidence otherwise, it's destroyed allot of lives...


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                        Originally posted by thistle
                        Now the question is, what do I do with this information?

                        start finding out who else who worked with you or doing the same thing has a problem .[/QUOTE]

                        Thats useing your head bro... Maybe call up a few old co-workers?


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                          start finding out who else who worked with you or doing the same thing has a problem
                          That is unfortunately nearly impossible. I worked here in what is a remote one man territory. I didn't have any coworkers that I could easily track down, especially from 20 or 30 years ago. As well, even if silicone oil is correlated with FMS in men it is still a rare condition in men. The sample size wouldn't be nearly large enough. Also, FMS has only been recognized as a true not-a-figment-of-your-imagination condition for the last ten years or so. It is only in recent times that they have found real (but subtle) internal physical changes that are associated with the condition.
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                            Originally posted by Evan
                            Now the question is, what do I do with this information?
                            Continue your research, get all the facts straight, build a strong case.

                            It would be good if you could make a sufficiently strong claim to zerox and others that would allow you to get some form of compensation.

                            You also have a chance now to save others from this same problem. If indeed the connection can be proven...a true cause / effect relationship, then this needs to be publicized.


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                              Yes, that is what I have been thinking. I have no idea how to go about it. I have been out of the company for 9 years and have few connections left in the company.

                              Hmm. I do have one idea. There is/was a website run by and for current and former employees of Xerox in North America. It never mentions Xerox by name but I think I can find it if it still exists.
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                                I was going to say forget xerox and go right to the horses mouth --- but if you do that then you have to get past the manufacturers cover ups so maybe a bad idea, I just went to the garage to check out the ingredients in armor-all but i only have turtle wax 2001 protectant and it does not give the ingredients, still i think i will wear gloves when aplying to my car interior -----
                                Evan --- you need to check into other places that have used this stuff to the extreme, i bet there are places that had much more worker exposure than what you had and tons of people for a data base ----- I told you before that if you cant find it nobody can, you are the best info hound in the bizz, I hope you find some information that helps you with your condition --- gotta keep you around to be able to butt heads with you now and then
                                That being said im also on a quest for my niece who has MS, if anybody knows of any "on the fringe" treatment theories let me know, she's probably tried it already but you never know, being ill sucks, iv had a taste of it and dont like it when i hear about others who are suffering, one of the things that amazes me about this day and age is we got space probes landing on other planets and sending back pictures and all kinds of info yet we cant stop these little things right under our microscopes and/or cant figure out the chemistry
                                The one thing i learned about being sick --- take action and keep the hope, and dont ever let it go...