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    I noticed this CNC B-port on E-Bay and then saw it didn't even sell for 4 grand. I'm nowhere near needing one of these but it seemed like a lot of machine for the amount of money.

    What am I missing?


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    1. Nearly useless photo (too small, too out of focus, no other views)
    2. Suspect in that the paint on the coolant pan and back splash is obviously new paint (no way it could look that good on a 1994 machine, much less 84)
    3. 1984 is nearly antique status for CNC, esp Bridgeport CNC...who was not exactly on the cutting edge with it. No CRT screen, control in strange place on the head, looks silly, machine is not rare...lots of that model out there so another will come along, etc, etc....

    Having said all that, if you inspected it and found it in good operating condition and accurate, $4,000 would be a fair price to pay for that machine. But the risks of buying it remote, plus shipping costs, scares off the eBay bidders and therefore it didn't sell.